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Mat sports. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream mat sports. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mat 70
Meaning of the dream: We should not allow people full of arrogance and pride we mortify

mat joke 38
Description: desire to emerge

paper mat 17
Interpretation of the dream: expenses limit

mat of rushes 53
Translation: ambition fulfilled

mat expanse 35
Dream description: waiting and uncertainty

mat rolled 2
Meaning: inner blocks

mat white 80
Translation of the dream: new hope

colored mat 9
Interpretation: slow progress

bath mat 67
Sense of the dream: unfounded fears

sports training 7
What does it mean: embarrassment in a choice

crowding of sports 49
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

yearbook sports 12
Description: unwillingness

Sports field 13
Interpretation of the dream: disagreements in the family

helmet sports 84
Translation: best missed opportunities

sports club 43
Dream description: distrust and laziness

Commissioner sports 16
Meaning: illusions and disillusions

amateur sports 26
Translation of the dream: desire for success

sports competition 65
Interpretation: unrequited love

sports newspaper 40
Sense of the dream: serenity in family

gymkhana sports 23
What does it mean: difficulty

sports award 37
Meaning of the dream: rapprochement expected

excel in sports 26
Description: powers of observation

pelota (sports) 78
Interpretation of the dream: much good news

recruit sports 34
Translation: displeasures with relatives

sports meeting 24
Dream description: embarrassing choice

defeat sports 48
Meaning: understanding family

sled sports 31
Translation of the dream: happy solution

Sports clothes 3

avid sports 36

celebrities in sports 82

sports facility 54

sports Association 54

practice in sports 4

match (sports event) 39
Translation: friendships helpful

oaks (equestrian sports) 66
Dream description: fortune

attend a meeting of the ring (sports) 19
Meaning: Good news for letter

strike a match 43
Translation of the dream: issues in family

Mating of animals 68
Interpretation: winnings

match animals 68
Sense of the dream: winnings

match string 8
What does it mean: trouble by intrigue

water sport 2
Meaning of the dream: patience in difficult relationships

transport agency 27
Description: failed attempt

August mattress 75
Interpretation of the dream: trouble women

lacing of diplomat 5
Translation: intrigue hidden

train in a sport 20
Dream description: confidence in their own forces

maternal altruism 29
Meaning: events pleased

amalgamate 18
Translation of the dream: being unstable

sporting ambition 11
Interpretation: succeeded in resolutions

proclamation 86
Sense of the dream: They will suffer bad things

proclamation of war 60
What does it mean: strife and discord in the family

read a proclamation 8
Meaning of the dream: rivalry to deal

maternal ancestor 12
Description: ability to convince

match oxen 30
Interpretation of the dream: It is conquered laboriously

match horses 32
Translation: need for changes

match socks 16
Dream description: serenity disturbed

match pictures 70
Meaning: suspicions exaggerated

match vases 88
Translation of the dream: melancholy unjustified

dramatic artist 19
Interpretation: faithless friends

maternal authority 14
Sense of the dream: misconduct

maternal kiss 59
What does it mean: inconstancy affections

scuffle between inmates 26
Meaning of the dream: situations to be clarified

stigmatize a balance 77
Description: listlessness at work

stigmatize an invoice 66
Interpretation of the dream: need for caution

automatic lighter 41
Translation: ease in your work

acclamation 48
Dream description: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

automaton 16
Meaning: You meet good people who will help

eat matzo (unleavened bread) 54
Translation of the dream: useless work

see people with matted hair 52
Interpretation: good omen in business

Construction waste transport 81
Sense of the dream: support to be given to an elderly

mathematical calculation 17
What does it mean: danger lurks

basket with tomatoes 14
Meaning of the dream: valid support

matted hair 6
Description: protections equivocal

inmate working 56
Interpretation of the dream: rights to be defended