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Master that breaks glass. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream master that breaks glass. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

winch that breaks 22
Meaning of the dream: practical spirit

break a glass 81
Description: danger of scams

glass with oil 76
Interpretation of the dream: conflicts with the environment

carousel that breaks 80
Translation: bodes ill

glass gold 90
Dream description: rapid collapse of illusions

clean glass 18
Meaning: attitudes safe

glass with handle 17
Translation of the dream: danger of deceit

glass with spirit 27
Interpretation: successful combination

glass with medicine 4
Sense of the dream: advantageous changes

sick master 16
What does it mean: unusual actions

colored glass 44
Meaning of the dream: great imagination

glass Silver 48
Description: restriction of personal freedom

casting glass 51
Interpretation of the dream: interesting discoveries

glass or glasses 44
Translation: honesty transparency

paint on glass 38
Dream description: unwillingness

barrel breaks 26
Meaning: passion accentuated

glass with poison 37
Translation of the dream: disturbances and restlessness

painted glass 65
Interpretation: memories of the past

opaque glass 88
Sense of the dream: infatuation of short duration

master dishonest 5
What does it mean: struggles in the work

replace a glass 80
Meaning of the dream: great wisdom and prudence

frosted glass 65
Description: sure way

glass shard 27
Interpretation of the dream: good buys

blown glass 17
Translation: change to design

piece of glass 13
Dream description: ephemeral goods

broken glass 5
Meaning: danger of infection

saltshaker glass 55
Translation of the dream: verbosity and gossip

glass tarnishing 18
Interpretation: prosperity in your business

walking on glass 1
Sense of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness

Murano glass 44
What does it mean: opportunities curtailed

glass innerliner 21
Meaning of the dream: doubts and anxieties

ampoule breaks 25
Description: provocation of friends

dentures that breaks 61
Interpretation of the dream: unusual happenings

full glass 75
Translation: greed for money

dirty glass 15
Dream description: yearning for the beautiful

give a glass 9
Meaning: Coincidentally

glass of wood 18
Translation of the dream: adaptability and optimism

drawing master 28
Interpretation: betrayed trust

scrape glass 45
Sense of the dream: request for favors

injured by glass 84
What does it mean: quarrels with women

plaster with glass 40
Meaning of the dream: nice trip

master of calligraphy 3
Description: amazement

master harp 74
Interpretation of the dream: expensive gifts

himself master 74
Translation: Find it difficult unnecessarily

master who threatens 87
Dream description: jealousy and resentment

master who commands 81
Meaning: danger of carelessness

be the master 68
Translation of the dream: good luck

goblet of glass 55
Interpretation: difficult relationship

glass of iron 58
Sense of the dream: concerns for the future

large glass 43
What does it mean: magnanimous feelings

touch a glass 40
Meaning of the dream: dangerous temptation

glass button 84
Description: prodigality eccentric

wine in the glass 16
Interpretation of the dream: Understanding family

flip a glass 20
Translation: you are opposed to a decision

change master 49
Dream description: windfall