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Marital discussion. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream marital discussion. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

agitated discussion 2
Meaning of the dream: joy in the house

shorten a discussion 88
Description: avoided damage

spirited discussion 35
Interpretation of the dream: proposal to be rejected

hold a discussion 54
Translation: Success in business

marital separation 46
Dream description: malignant speeches

marital infidelity 43
Meaning: bond passenger

marital discord 15
Translation of the dream: danger of fire

conjugal love 89
Interpretation: lucky events

panel discussion 78
Sense of the dream: arriving

marital union 80
What does it mean: return of a loved one

watchmaker discussing 72
Meaning of the dream: next novelty

travelers discussing 28
Description: boring meetings

discuss business 4
Interpretation of the dream: news like arriving

discuss a thesis 83
Translation: independent spirit

Rabbi discussing 64
Dream description: momentary affliction

discuss a cause 40
Meaning: intolerance and nervousness

discuss with a relative 70
Translation of the dream: confusion of ideas and pessimism

dubious talk 19
Interpretation: unscrupulousness

talk witch 48
Sense of the dream: disappointing experiences

talk gardener 45
What does it mean: Gift incoming

talk offensive 15
Meaning of the dream: visit welcome

to discuss 71
Description: triumph over their enemies

talk prostitute 14
Interpretation of the dream: ambiguous successes

argument with a stranger 50
Translation: you re under stress, you have to rest

arguing with a relative 40
Dream description: confidentiality and diplomacy

arguing with women 80
Meaning: provocations do not collect

priests who discuss 31
Translation of the dream: future plans

discuss the game 61
Interpretation: stubbornness and obstinacy

calmly discuss 17
Sense of the dream: quick fix

spousal 89
What does it mean: news from afar

family heritage 10
Meaning of the dream: concerns

infidelity with lover 50
Description: sick passenger

faith marriage 42
Interpretation of the dream: horrible catastrophe

rodent (mice or other family) 19
Translation: meetings too easy and therefore dangerous

talk business 9
Dream description: protection to be granted

violent quarrel 80
Meaning: tendency to resentment

talk decorator 11
Translation of the dream: unrequited love

light a quarrel 37
Interpretation: deception of friends

Quarrel of friends 30
Sense of the dream: envies

nuptial thalamus 24
What does it mean: interesting offer

brass ring nuptial 32
Meaning of the dream: romance

nuptial ring king 30
Description: obstacles in the profession

conclave 55
Interpretation of the dream: short illness

moribund talks 43
Translation: important news

Abbot talks 41
Dream description: something makes you insecure

nuptial ring stolen 50
Meaning: honor, joy

woman arguing 28
Translation of the dream: precipitous actions

negotiations failed 4
Interpretation: profit

contention among men 7
Sense of the dream: intense relationships

ring false nuptial 27
What does it mean: Security and confidence

talk shows 15
Meaning of the dream: lack of reflection

nuptial ring lost 19
Description: fate uncertain

negotiate in country 22
Interpretation of the dream: report an improvement

price negotiations 24
Translation: scruples exaggerated