Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

marine aquarium

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: marine aquarium

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52 marine aquarium
Critical friends

61 aquarium
emotions, but not yet addressed

15 freshwater aquarium
momentary separation

36 empty aquarium
sudden goods

59 aquarium with fish
limited capacity for action

51 aquarium with goldfish
oscillating position

35 aquarium with turtles
success in work

17 student of marine
resentment justified

16 camping marine
changes taking place

48 marine colony
trust conquered

16 marine paint
momentary depression

60 Marine landscape
You have regrets of the past

72 marine panorama
nervous hypersensitivity

39 marine trumpet
news from afar

74 aquarium with tropical fish

62 marinated eel
deception female

1 aquamarine
novelty in view of very favorable

6 submarine
inner security

87 submarine in port
inner security

13 submarine anchor
problems to be solved

61 submarine en route
detente in relations

80 submarine sunk
terms not maintained

67 submarine bombed
violent projects

86 submarine cruising
isolation and boredom

85 submarine stranded

52 submarine submerged
business in crisis

72 You have embarked on the submarine
desire for novelty

18 tamarind
unexpected news

10 plants tamarind
unexpected news

63 tamarind syrup
lifelong friends

6 launching of a submarine
just reward