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Many raw lentils. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream many raw lentils. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lentils 9
Meaning of the dream: hassles

pod lentils 67
Description: opportunity to be exploited

lentil raw 9
Interpretation of the dream: being conquered

lentils soup 73
Translation: shocking displays of affection

Trooping of the many people 4
Dream description: You receive an important visit

beehive with many bees 33
Meaning: reduced activity

many tents in a campsite 59
Translation of the dream: cheerfulness

raw chickpeas 55
Interpretation: need to feel protected

raw tripe 2
Sense of the dream: good health

see many cobs 9
What does it mean: being safe

raise many cows 81
Meaning of the dream: your riches are set to increase

many pipes 4
Description: increasing wealth

raw marble 50
Interpretation of the dream: original ideas

chop raw 11
Translation: susceptibility exaggerated

raw celery 71
Dream description: passing infatuation

pluck raw 71
Meaning: limited views

seasoned lentil 10
Translation of the dream: good intuition

see many granite slabs 21
Interpretation: You receive soon a lot of money

raw barley 71
Sense of the dream: Advances in career

herbal raw as a salad, sorrel 27
What does it mean: discreet omen

try many berries 28
Meaning of the dream: you always have to overcome obstacles

Chicory raw 19
Description: waivers necessary

see many cockroaches 14
Interpretation of the dream: bad omen, you get sick seriously

see many curves 16
Translation: your life will change

sign of many colors 23
Dream description: vulgarity and rumors

many people in their family 35
Meaning: despair

see many anchovies lives 75
Translation of the dream: fortune

many children 18
Interpretation: responsibility

raw brass 70
Sense of the dream: strong will

raw yarn 23
What does it mean: purchase unwary

raw donut 15
Meaning of the dream: Waiting in vain

many millipedes 32
Description: people in life that you would not see more

codfish raw 77
Interpretation of the dream: lack of reflection

raw mushrooms 51
Translation: difficult career

raw bread 13
Dream description: aspirations fulfilled

raw lead 72
Meaning: acquisition of property

racecourse races with many people 48
Translation of the dream: aid and money in sight

have many sheep or lambs 15
Interpretation: profit and wealth

coral raw 9
Sense of the dream: terms not maintained

raw and not cooked 19
What does it mean: you will have troubles

raw sausage 31
Meaning of the dream: lively discussion

raw iron 38
Description: combative character

quartz raw 40
Interpretation of the dream: troubling news

raw coffee 71
Translation: sympathies of people Useful

raw cocoa 78
Dream description: nervousness accentuated

many bees that enter the house 3
Meaning: damage enemies

raw steak 80
Translation of the dream: quarrels at work

raw brain 89
Interpretation: false rumors

raw gold 46
Sense of the dream: uncertain events

many phalanx 45
What does it mean: aid

many children running around the house 11
Meaning of the dream: embarrassments in business difficulty

see many bats 3
Description: severe loss

see many hazelnuts 55
Interpretation of the dream: you have several concerns

see many giraffes 88
Translation: less arrogance and more humility