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Many mixed apples. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream many mixed apples. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

red apples 69
Meaning of the dream: interesting novelty

unripe apples 85
Description: important trip

baked apples 20
Interpretation of the dream: interview welcome

apples 2
Translation: hatred secret

apples garnets 30
Dream description: pains and restlessness

rotten apples 42
Meaning: danger

ripe apples 87
Translation of the dream: tenacity in work

green apples 2
Interpretation: prosperity, happy omen

dried apples 14
Sense of the dream: poverty, death

eating apples 51
What does it mean: need for a compromise

pick apples 36
Meaning of the dream: you will be disturbed by someone

tree apples 39
Description: good news, contentment

basket with apples 27
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

see many cobs 9
Translation: being safe

apples and unripe green 80
Dream description: dispute, seduction

Cut and peel apples 35
Meaning: you will be haunted by a woman

drink the juice of apples 36
Translation of the dream: fatigue

giving apples to other 28
Interpretation: great fortune

apples quinces 64
Sense of the dream: mourning

see and eat the fruit of apples 3
What does it mean: joy, pleasure, fun, mainly people of the weaker sex

try many berries 28
Meaning of the dream: you always have to overcome obstacles

see many cockroaches 14
Description: bad omen, you get sick seriously

see many curves 16
Interpretation of the dream: your life will change

raise many cows 81
Translation: your riches are set to increase

apples from the tree stand out 41
Dream description: persecution

apples of gold 88
Meaning: do not be dazzled by the splendor

see many granite slabs 21
Translation of the dream: You receive soon a lot of money

have many sheep or lambs 15
Interpretation: profit and wealth

many bees that enter the house 3
Sense of the dream: damage enemies

see many hazelnuts 55
What does it mean: you have several concerns

see many giraffes 88
Meaning of the dream: less arrogance and more humility

see many anchovies 14
Description: good fortune that you will remember

see many children 12
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in life

see and eat sweet apples 6
Translation: joy, pleasure, revelations, especially for the married woman and the spinsters

apple peel 84
Dream description: You know a better person

many tents in a campsite 59
Meaning: cheerfulness

Zeeland, see many Zeelanders 21
Translation of the dream: ruin

see many anchovies lives 75
Interpretation: fortune

see many witches in the pigsty 28
Sense of the dream: you like to see your wealth

eva with apple 69
What does it mean: righteousness and loyalty

see many goats (sheep) together 28
Meaning of the dream: inheritance

cook many mullets 17
Description: affected quiet

have many feet 2
Interpretation of the dream: good wishes

have many enemies 2
Translation: you feel persecuted for no reason

mixed fried 87
Dream description: constancy

Trooping of the many people 4
Meaning: You receive an important visit

see many wild 45
Translation of the dream: between colleagues do not understand you

Many small dogs 6
Interpretation: good friends