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Many cooked beans. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream many cooked beans. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cooked beans 33
Meaning of the dream: concerns for the future

cooked broad beans 37
Description: short illness

beans 7
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant gossip

beans white 3
Translation: declining health

red beans 82
Dream description: harassing criticism

beans blacks 68
Meaning: desires achievable

beans small 76
Translation of the dream: limited gains

large beans 35
Interpretation: the deception of women

fresh beans 7
Sense of the dream: lucky business

eat beans 2
What does it mean: disputes and disagreements

broad beans 78
Meaning of the dream: discord, ominous, painful event

dried beans 87
Description: long discussions

beans in the field 21
Interpretation of the dream: tenacious rancor

beans on plant 85
Translation: concerns for the future

handful of beans 34
Dream description: understanding family

Soup with beans 88
Meaning: contrasts transient

Climbing beans 39
Translation of the dream: developments slow but sure

Shelling beans 60
Interpretation: achievements deserve

shelling, beans 56
Sense of the dream: love at first sight

shell beans 76
What does it mean: economic security

boil beans 63

green beans 27

roasted beans 66

Sprout of beans 35

grind beans 82

harvesting of beans 5

fresh broad beans 35
Translation of the dream: overcome adversity

eat fava beans 6
Interpretation: family quarrels

bunch of green beans 90

10 - Smorfia classic: beans 10

cooked too much 18
Meaning of the dream: modesty and simple life

cooked garlic 64
Description: reckless speculation

lamb cooked 18
Interpretation of the dream: life long

codfish cooked 13
Translation: unrighteous thoughts

woodcock cooked 31
Dream description: jealousies and intrigues

chop cooked 79
Meaning: prudent confidentiality

cooked meat 52
Translation of the dream: unforeseen circumstances

brain cooked 74
Interpretation: unexpected proposal

chicory cooked 46
Sense of the dream: favors to be granted

cooked onion 64
What does it mean: small losses

offal cooked 18
Meaning of the dream: critical

raw and not cooked 19
Description: you will have troubles

pheasant cooked 86
Interpretation of the dream: disagreement in the family

cooked liver 11
Translation: wrath

cooked mushrooms 48
Dream description: indecision dangerous

cooked chicken 5
Meaning: disappointment and sadness

cooked shrimp 48
Translation of the dream: sad disappointments

cooked legumes 81
Interpretation: disagreement with a son

cooked snails 43
Sense of the dream: sentimental serenity

goose cooked 32
What does it mean: lightness and pride

cooked vegetables 13
Meaning of the dream: capacity building

oyster cooked 40
Description: visit of a loved one

partridge cooked 62
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

pigeons cooked 50
Translation: risks and carelessness

cooked peas 41
Dream description: sudden infirmity

cooked tomatoes 16
Meaning: innovations and initiatives

cooked rice 61
Translation of the dream: bright spirit

cooked salami 59
Interpretation: some contrast

cooked sausage 58
Sense of the dream: difficult journey

celery cooked 11
What does it mean: impediments and delays

cuttlefish cooked 12
Meaning of the dream: conventional prejudices

cooked tuna 37
Description: jealousy and mistrust

tripe cooked 83
Interpretation of the dream: good business

anchovies cooked 41
Translation: deterioration of romantic relationships

cooked egg 70
Dream description: the luck on your side

duck cooked 90

cooked asparagus 67

cooked broccoli 9

cooked chickpeas 40

cooked tail 54

cooked colombo 69

cooked crab 23

cooked corn 74

corn cooked 64

cooked hare 15

cooked swede 12

cooked barley 2

cooked pumpkin 62

herring cooked 22

cooked in water 49

mallow cooked 19

cooked pear 1

cooked cockles 42

eat cooked fava 6
Translation: stubborn fight

apple poorly cooked 60
Dream description: ill health

cooked wild boar 68

home cooked meal 3

68 - Smorfia classic: soup cooked 68

see many fir 68
Sense of the dream: success in business

see many anchovies lives 75
What does it mean: fortune