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Many chicks duck. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream many chicks duck. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

duck hatching 80
Meaning of the dream: You have been evoking childhood memories

duck flying 66
Description: full of ideas period

duck cooked 90
Interpretation of the dream: need to buy back certain energies

duck wound 38
Translation: doubtful period

duck in water 10
Dream description: soon you will have to do with a surreal situation

dead duck 18
Meaning: There you are freed of something

black duck 30
Translation of the dream: very tense period and negative

Donald Duck 5

duck (goose young) 5
Sense of the dream: pleasure, happiness

cut off the head to duck 12
What does it mean: satisfaction pleasure honor

chicks 12
Meaning of the dream: treachery

hen with chicks 12
Description: unexpected gain

see hens with chicks 5
Interpretation of the dream: loss and damage

nest with chicks 61
Translation: uncertainty about what to do

chicks pecking 25
Dream description: efforts rewarded

chicks who drink 38
Meaning: resignation

chicks dead 1
Translation of the dream: sorry for treason

pullet see with chicks 5
Interpretation: loss and grief

chickens and chicks together 65
Sense of the dream: loss to be repaired

basket with chicks 16

cage with chicks 54

Penguin with chicks 77
Description: successes

chicks with mother hen 14
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

see many fir 68
Translation: success in business

catch a chicken 26
Dream description: losses

see many anchovies lives 75
Meaning: fortune

see many airplanes 88
Translation of the dream: victory over discord

chicken wings 87
Interpretation: cheerfulness

beehive with many bees 33
Sense of the dream: reduced activity

roast chickens 27
What does it mean: obstacles in projects

boiled chicken 25
Meaning of the dream: clear mind

orphanage with many children 11
Description: glitches and mishaps

chicken broth 28
Interpretation of the dream: bitter disappointment

see many clothes hanging 67
Translation: pain

see many anchovies 14
Dream description: good fortune that you will remember

Trooping of the many people 4
Meaning: You receive an important visit

see many airplanes in the sky 88
Translation of the dream: victory over old quarrels

eating ducks 28
Interpretation: encounter serious financial difficulties

many bees that enter the house 3
Sense of the dream: damage enemies

see many actors 27
What does it mean: success happy and great satisfaction

see many goats (sheep) together 28
Meaning of the dream: inheritance

being attacked by many brigands 2
Description: mishaps with close relatives

see many children 12
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties in life