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Man sleeping on the ground. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream man sleeping on the ground. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

man sleeping 32
Meaning of the dream: disease passing

sit on the ground 13
Description: Fortunately rising

eel in the ground 75
Interpretation of the dream: honest actions

snow on the ground 57
Translation: relationships relaxing

recline on the ground 13
Dream description: danger of extravagance

somersault on the ground 45
Meaning: brilliant statement

sleep on the ground 87
Translation of the dream: interesting revelations

saddle on the ground 28
Interpretation: poverty

fall asleep on the ground 11
Sense of the dream: disillusions

spit on the ground 78
What does it mean: negative experience

get up off the ground 38
Meaning of the dream: inconsistency in work

plant in the ground 38
Description: new experience

put mine in the ground 89
Interpretation of the dream: want revenge at all costs

cup ground 89
Translation: business ranging in port

point a stick on the ground 22
Dream description: generous protection

resting on the ground 48
Meaning: unexpected aid

clean ground 88
Translation of the dream: bad omen

collect olives from the ground 21
Interpretation: uncontrolled reactions

nibs ground 52
Sense of the dream: heartbreak

man at sea 5
What does it mean: jealousy and resentment

tumbling to the ground 7
Meaning of the dream: moods

man playing 8
Description: shady business

Man in mountain 35
Interpretation of the dream: affections safe

man 6
Translation: your looks aggressive or competitive

sheet on the floor 44
Dream description: misunderstandings at work

girl sleeping 32
Meaning: unexpected obstacle

man eating 44
Translation of the dream: physical strength

man saddened 48
Interpretation: trouble from work

man scandalous 40
Sense of the dream: compromising situation

man lying 20
What does it mean: period of physical fogging

drunk on the floor 47
Meaning of the dream: health hazard

rebel ground 29
Description: intentions tenacious

inhuman man 6
Interpretation of the dream: urgent business

a man excommunicated 43
Translation: agitation and insomnia

singer man 14
Dream description: insincere friendship

man calm 90
Meaning: poor health

reckless man 74
Translation of the dream: changes uncertain

scrupulous man 59
Interpretation: Work serene

man unworthy 50
Sense of the dream: period of many contradictions

barefoot man 24
What does it mean: quarrels with relatives

a repellent man 72
Meaning of the dream: speculation wrong

sleeping in armchair 18
Description: patience and optimism

farmer who sleeps 22
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately in social life

ground squirrel 36
Translation: friendly relations

man highly placed 11
Dream description: good standing

a trivial man 68
Meaning: troubled times

good man 39
Translation of the dream: Revenge of jealousy

bad man 31
Interpretation: lack of generosity

drowned man 19
Sense of the dream: sorrows

crazy man 88
What does it mean: extravagant ideas

beautiful man 50
Meaning of the dream: balance of mind

Man in plane 2
Description: excellent directives

walking man 36
Interpretation of the dream: good business

curl up on the ground 16
Translation: unrealizable fantasies

fall into the ground 11
Dream description: need for more diplomacy

whistle man 66
Meaning: projects not to return