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Man blond hair. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream man blond hair. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blond hair 4
Meaning of the dream: compromising friendships

blond man 70
Description: fickle affections

hair of man 23
Interpretation of the dream: strong-willed spirit

gray hair in a man 76
Translation: victory over enemies

blond teenager 26
Dream description: annoying friends

blond mustache 8
Meaning: Good news coming

blond beard 81
Translation of the dream: desire to escape

blond woman 31
Interpretation: position compromised

blond child 67
Sense of the dream: hopes realized

blond female 58
What does it mean: mutual understanding

blond hairs 81
Meaning of the dream: hard problems

blond braid 66
Description: superstitious fears

artificial blond 47

hair 11
Translation: sexual virility, seduction and sensuality

little hair 2
Dream description: security in business

shorten hair 4
Meaning: friendships equivocal

fix the hair 59
Translation of the dream: secret pain

lengthen hair 70
Interpretation: Friends simulators

hair tie 40
Sense of the dream: false insights

dry hair 63
What does it mean: instability of mood

burning hair 1
Meaning of the dream: dynamism reduced

camel hair 70
Description: disagreements in social relations

short hair 1
Interpretation of the dream: serenity in family

long hair 81
Translation: good luck

straight hair 36
Dream description: affable character

curly hair 63
Meaning: change of position

oily hair 44
Translation of the dream: false news

flowing hair 33
Interpretation: success in business

Red hair 48
Sense of the dream: separation for a chat

dark hair 3
What does it mean: differences in family

White hair 45
Meaning of the dream: notoriety and success

fake hair 41
Description: physical exhaustion

bleached hair 24
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts between spouses

matted hair 6
Translation: protections equivocal

graying hair 10
Dream description: position compromised

wash your hair 71
Meaning: victory over enemies

dye their hair 89
Translation of the dream: reckless conduct

combing her hair 70
Interpretation: victory over difficulties

brushing her hair 88
Sense of the dream: melancholy

perfume hair 73
What does it mean: loss of friendship

hair falling 15
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

braided hair 29
Description: bad news

type of hair 90
Interpretation of the dream: fortune

woman hair 46
Translation: malicious gossip

thick hair 6
Dream description: good relations

sparse hair 72
Meaning: economic benefits

women's hair 10
Translation of the dream: inconstancy in love

hair of boy 64
Interpretation: uncontrolled emotions

Artificial hair 35
Sense of the dream: hasty decisions

hair color 38
What does it mean: threads dangerous

hair brown 73
Meaning of the dream: reasons of pride

gray hair 31
Description: meetings of value

hair disheveled 71
Interpretation of the dream: instability in marriages

styling her hair 49
Translation: physical renewal

tuft of hair 62
Dream description: support and protection

vegetable hair 36
Meaning: grudges unjust

hair ridge 48
Translation of the dream: sex symbol

wavy hair 87
Interpretation: emotional experience

cut the hair 30
Sense of the dream: danger of exploitation

hair black 7
What does it mean: contacts to resume

perfuming hair 72
Meaning of the dream: messy love life

be covered with hair 3
Description: health and long life

shave the hair 3
Interpretation of the dream: painful loss

net hair 53
Translation: nervous tension

hair pulling 68
Dream description: disorderly actions

have one's hair cropped 17
Meaning: loss of money

hair braid 1
Translation of the dream: enticing illusions

tangle of hair 65
Interpretation: fears and jealousy

lock of hair 16
Sense of the dream: you are very in love with someone

firefly in the hair 30
What does it mean: spirit of initiative creativity and ideas

Men's hair 3

grab by the hair 89

hair baby 1

Hair dead 29

hair in order 65

hair removal 47

friction to the hair 58

ringed hair 77