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Man and poor bastard. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream man and poor bastard. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bastard dog 26
Meaning of the dream: concerns family

bastard cabbage 34
Description: many sorrows

poor man 17
Interpretation of the dream: excessive lavishness

bastard found 80
Translation: unpleasant news

Bastard 12
Dream description: many sorrows

bastard race 39
Meaning: financial complications

poor old man 56
Translation of the dream: economic prosperity

poor beggar 51
Interpretation: new activity

poor parish 65
Sense of the dream: anxieties and remorse

poor family 17
What does it mean: new projects

poor mutilated 64
Meaning of the dream: wrong choice

rescue a poor 75
Description: impulsive instincts

poor 90
Interpretation of the dream: neglect of a sexual nature

drowned man 19
Translation: sorrows

beautiful man 50
Dream description: balance of mind

dark man 54
Meaning: hopes achievable

unknown man 65
Translation of the dream: dangerous temptations

honest man 11
Interpretation: interests to defend

bald man 78
Sense of the dream: fortune

naked man 35
What does it mean: pain and bitterness

tall man 21
Meaning of the dream: excessive ambitions

circumvent a man 80
Description: uncontrolled impulses

poor dwelling 12
Interpretation of the dream: rapid business

man 6
Translation: your looks aggressive or competitive

a man drunk 90
Dream description: adaptation to the environment

poor girl 51
Meaning: lure offers

man in bed 49
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

poor blind 52
Interpretation: errors impatience

poor dinner 25
Sense of the dream: passing relationships

poor dad 53
What does it mean: coldness of relations

poor relation 20
Meaning of the dream: cycle lucky

poor lame 87
Description: obligations and hassle

attractive man 79
Interpretation of the dream: attached to the family

poor old woman 49
Translation: unnecessary apprehensions

house poor 64
Dream description: regret late

meet a poor 75
Meaning: proposals to sift

rob a poor 62
Translation of the dream: disease of short duration

refreshment a poor 10
Interpretation: friendships firm and sincere

proud man 12
Sense of the dream: superficial knowledge

ugly man 9
What does it mean: Reports uncertain

crippled man 80
Meaning of the dream: momentary setbacks

crazy man 88
Description: extravagant ideas

brave man 70
Interpretation of the dream: toward a goal

man with a woman 87
Translation: Safety and Decision

haughty man 48
Dream description: new knowledge

good man 39
Meaning: Revenge of jealousy

inhuman man 6
Translation of the dream: urgent business

industrious man 60
Interpretation: happy solutions

man softened 12
Sense of the dream: loss of property

man submissive 19
What does it mean: commitments to return

man scandalous 40
Meaning of the dream: compromising situation

hunchback man 34
Description: Luckily the game

poor in church 78
Interpretation of the dream: fear and distrust

mock a poor 25
Translation: your wealth will increase

bad man 31
Dream description: lack of generosity

whistle man 66
Meaning: projects not to return

man saddened 48
Translation of the dream: trouble from work

man puffing 33
Interpretation: courage and firmness