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Malign. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream malign. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

malign 13
Meaning of the dream: overcome difficulties

malignant cancer 17
Description: concessions to do

malicious 48
Interpretation of the dream: disputes difficult

slander a brother 2
Translation: loss of security

slander a parent 41
Dream description: Excessive volatility

slander a son 19
Meaning: mishaps to overcome

slander a neighbor 58
Translation of the dream: threat from a friend

slanderers 83
Interpretation: purchases unwary

discredit 29
Sense of the dream: limited economic possibilities

slander a relative 50
What does it mean: little constancy in work

slandered by all 31
Meaning of the dream: precipitous actions

defame a top 14
Description: illness of a friend

abhor slanderers 3
Interpretation of the dream: interesting news

slandered by relatives 80
Translation: someone annoys you

discredit a man 8
Dream description: limited economic possibilities

discredit a woman 84
Meaning: intrigue and unclear situations

slandered by friends 75
Translation of the dream: Peace and serenity

defame her husband 18
Interpretation: knowledge ambiguous

discredit a friend 59
Sense of the dream: victory over enemies

discredit the lover 77
What does it mean: adverse change

discredit an employee 15
Meaning of the dream: contrasts and chatter

defame his wife 81
Description: thwarted love

discredit a relative 51
Interpretation of the dream: loss of protection

discredit a colleague 85
Translation: economic concerns

assembly of evildoers 6
Dream description: Love that goes out

Notice of fees 33
Meaning: exhausting work

say lie maliciously 83
Translation of the dream: loss of sympathy

slander 56
Interpretation: losing in consideration

slandering a friend 29
Sense of the dream: unrealizable hopes

slanderous gossip 70
What does it mean: misjudgements

malicious gossip 34
Meaning of the dream: Dangerous Liaisons

defame 30
Description: triumph over enemies

defame a friend 10
Interpretation of the dream: triumph over enemies

defame a man 72
Translation: passion short

defame a woman 27
Dream description: Speculation profitable

defame a relative 41
Meaning: loss of protection

defame an employee 65
Translation of the dream: serious concerns

dispel slander 52
Interpretation: increase of consideration

inventing calumnies 20
Sense of the dream: loss of prestige

taxes paid to the authorities 12
What does it mean: serious troubles

to pay taxes 19
Meaning of the dream: antagonisms and hostility

gossip or slander 13
Description: greatness

lawsuit for defamation 11
Interpretation of the dream: momentary embarrassment

crime of slander 17
Translation: obstacles to overcome

defamation offense 29
Dream description: coldness of relations

claim for taxes 70
Meaning: new events

seizure for payment of taxes 3
Translation of the dream: financial embarrassments

overloaded 19
Interpretation: ask too much of your subordinates

to be overloaded 22
Sense of the dream: unwelcome visit

fee 47
What does it mean: laziness

pay tax 71
Meaning of the dream: durable stability

impose the tax 75
Description: aggression from curb

tax fee 59
Interpretation of the dream: zeal and patience

inheritance tax 60
Translation: possibility of surprises

Operating fee 10
Dream description: important clarifications

tax on dogs 85
Meaning: marital fidelity

Family fee 38
Translation of the dream: reconciliation with relatives