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Malevolent judgment. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream malevolent judgment. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pronouncing judgment 44
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding with your loved one

motto judgment 16
Description: still keep up your resolutions

ratify a judgment 61
Interpretation of the dream: adverse criticism

oppose a judgment 13
Translation: stubbornness dangerous

cancel a judgment 64
Dream description: necessary sacrifice

think again of judgment 18
Meaning: deceptions hidden

read the judgment 30
Translation of the dream: false situation

Judgment Day 76
Interpretation: pleasant trip

listen to the judgment 70
Sense of the dream: compromise to avoid

contest a judgment 16
What does it mean: coincidences favorable

spiteful 51
Meaning of the dream: assiduity in work

judgment 42
Description: ideas unclear

verdict 75
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant discussions

civil judgment 85
Translation: Fortunately difficult to win

executor of judgment 45
Dream description: He will miss the good fortune

draft a judgment 49
Meaning: Small daily hassles

giving judgment 38
Translation of the dream: safe work

judgment of conviction 43
Interpretation: ideas unclear

confirm a judgment 1
Sense of the dream: obstacles in the profession

call for trial 43
What does it mean: risky speculation

verdict of jurors 33
Meaning of the dream: victory in legal issues

on trial 39
Description: you feel wrongly accused

slander trial 36
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected novelty

civil trial 64
Translation: confusion and restlessness

issue verdict 48
Dream description: mood changes

criminal trial 19
Meaning: nervous tension

signing judgments 87
Translation of the dream: malleable character

trial of men 6
Interpretation: good faith

give notice judgments 18
Sense of the dream: original ideas

verdict of acquittal 61
What does it mean: appreciable successes

conviction verdict 64
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant discussions

trial court 31
Description: Arrival friends

trial in district court 47
Interpretation of the dream: good news

malicious 48
Translation: disputes difficult

looked spiteful 63
Dream description: pleasant surprise

court 3
Meaning: simplicity

due discretion 81
Translation of the dream: extreme sensitivity

thief in court 27
Interpretation: desire for solitude

Decision dangerous 40
Sense of the dream: unnecessary waiting

Decision advantageous 55
What does it mean: misunderstandings clarified

deciding game 12
Meaning of the dream: contrasts with the elderly

stand trial 12
Description: forced reconciliation

deny an opinion 58
Interpretation of the dream: unfair competition

trial women 60
Translation: look for more serenity at work

rash decision 84
Dream description: rupture of relations

heard before the court 31
Meaning: speeches malignant

selfless decision 78
Translation of the dream: gain extra

revoke a decision 58
Interpretation: sadness passing

wait for verdict 70
Sense of the dream: serious problem to be solved

important decision 67
What does it mean: threat of damage

magistrates Court 5
Meaning of the dream: small gains

Criminal Court 22
Description: Decision to be taken

deciding a start 11
Interpretation of the dream: lack of sincerity

appeal court 34
Translation: lack of generosity

civil court 79
Dream description: presence of mind