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Male parties. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream male parties. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

male grandson 39
Meaning of the dream: strong character

male member 29
Description: balance

male robes 19
Interpretation of the dream: serene period

male voice 12
Translation: events and achievements

Male for women 62
Dream description: inner conflicts

male for men 25
Meaning: contrasts

boxing male 15

male genital 28

male offspring 9

male boarding school 54
What does it mean: confidence and sincerity

giving birth to a male 19

airport with planes departing 84
Description: good resolutions

partial anesthesia 29
Interpretation of the dream: agitation passing

be near a partition 47
Translation: It is disturbed in a tryst

attend a dance without participating 3
Dream description: optimum health and long and healthy life

track with train departing 75
Meaning: nice trip

female singer 88
Translation of the dream: indiscreet revelations

parting from parents 9
Interpretation: financial mess

participate in a conspiracy 78
Sense of the dream: great illusions

female boarding school 41
What does it mean: vindictive character

female choir 39
Meaning of the dream: obsessive jealousy

partial dentures 77
Description: impossible projects

partial eclipse 43
Interpretation of the dream: requited love

see herd of small and female deer 2
Translation: wealth and fortune in proportion to their numbers

participate in a coffee 12
Dream description: before acting currency situation well

female 22
Meaning: vindictive character

beautiful female 31
Translation of the dream: desire for love

blond female 58
Interpretation: mutual understanding

brunette female 44
Sense of the dream: inconstant love

female dead 39
What does it mean: joys of love

female ugly 18
Meaning of the dream: jealousies and threads

several females 21
Description: slander

finishing (particularity of a job) 18
Interpretation of the dream: patience

Cabinet with graceful female 4
Translation: marital separation

participate in a robbery 79
Dream description: difficult situations

participation 22
Meaning: money returned

Participation of birth 40
Translation of the dream: joyful expectation

participation of marriage 72
Interpretation: unfounded fears

participation death 80
Sense of the dream: physical weakness

ciborium with particles 70
What does it mean: inner peace

see a malefactor 30
Meaning of the dream: death of friends

particular of an ear 3
Description: slander

particle 20
Interpretation of the dream: You lose a part of your belongings

assist or participate in water polo 33
Translation: useful meetings

participate in the recitation 84
Dream description: thoughts and concerns

participating in a regatta 10
Meaning: abrupt change

participate in a revolution 63
Translation of the dream: deserved awards

participate in a festival 28
Interpretation: exuberant vitality

partial strike 12
Sense of the dream: sense of boredom and laziness

female school 29
What does it mean: search of freedom

partition 45
Meaning of the dream: It is disturbed in a tryst

wooden partition 17
Description: emotional spirit

partition brick 75
Interpretation of the dream: advantageous changes

build a partition 37
Translation: ambition fulfilled

partition falling 59
Dream description: hopes dashed

train departing 40
Meaning: minded

wagon departing 81
Translation of the dream: exciting adventure

participate in a vintage 32
Interpretation: profitable business

bipartite 89

Animal Female 23

impartiality 29

imparting drawings 52

female offspring 67

imprison malefactors 48

particle fall 60

particle consecrated 50

particularize 3

partisans 51

give birth to a female 28

partial 21