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Making tool. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream making tool. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

making tool 49
Meaning of the dream: grief and sorrow

making a basket 73
Description: Excellent reports

be making cards 74
Interpretation of the dream: novelty coming

making clothes 25
Translation: love changes

making horns 67
Dream description: nervousness and irritation

see making operation 51
Meaning: weakness of character

making paintings 18
Translation of the dream: profitless joy

making fools of themselves 89
Interpretation: understanding fruitful

aircraft making changes 59
Sense of the dream: increase of energy

Cheese making 39

making so much urine 11
Meaning of the dream: expression of your creative ideas of your hidden talents

Peacock making the wheel 32
Description: great benefits

making or repairing heels 13
Interpretation of the dream: home projects

making the body shop 7

tool 61
Dream description: good news

new tool 4

wedge (tool) 77
Translation of the dream: aid

iron tool 16
Interpretation: inevitable adversity

pay tool 47
Sense of the dream: good proposals to sift

tool hoarse 8
What does it mean: quick fixes

spinet (tool) 9
Meaning of the dream: proximity unwelcome

tool bomb 87
Description: you will begin an arduous

tool with verdigris 65
Interpretation of the dream: need for decision

tool of lead 58
Translation: inheritance

tool porcelain 25
Dream description: disease

mouth tool 60

tool carpenter 6

broken tool 67

military tool 55

naval tool 25

rural tool 58

owning silver tool 1
Description: prevent improved conditions

Shuttle (weaving tool) 14
Interpretation of the dream: useful work

mountaineer with tools 31
Translation: sudden sympathies

fishing tools 5
Dream description: awaits loss in your business

shoemaking 46
Meaning: quarrels with relatives

enter shoemaking 28
Translation of the dream: quarrels with relatives

possess shoemaking 40
Interpretation: prudence in speech

see shoemaking 15
Sense of the dream: need protection

shoemaking luxury 80
What does it mean: insecurity dangerous

shoemaking Children 17
Meaning of the dream: small wins

with farm tools 64
Description: right insight

porch with tools 14
Interpretation of the dream: good business

handle tools useful work 52
Translation: great help from a person in authority

stool 1
Dream description: penalties and unnecessary worries

sit on a stool 34
Meaning: penalties and unnecessary worries

fall from a stool 11
Translation of the dream: business thwarted

mounted on a stool 22
Interpretation: misdirected ambition

piano stool 8
Sense of the dream: satisfactions by young

tools 20
What does it mean: difficult adventure

work tools 50
Meaning of the dream: news of relatives

stool analysis 52

stand tools 9

assortment of tools 55

toolmaker 56

faldstool 15

shopkeeper tools 21