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Making mustard. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream making mustard. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mustard 11
Meaning of the dream: bad sign

eat mustard 52
Description: dangerous actions

buy mustard 30
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts with friends

mustard above the table 82
Translation: bickering and dispute

mustard in pot 33
Dream description: love for the new

mustard powder 68
Meaning: great sensitivity

mustard seed 8
Translation of the dream: health is Wealth

making the body shop 7
Interpretation: contentment to good friendships and good relations

dove making the nest 72
Sense of the dream: joy in love

making paintings 18
What does it mean: profitless joy

making horns 67
Meaning of the dream: nervousness and irritation

making so much urine 11
Description: expression of your creative ideas of your hidden talents

making clothes 25
Interpretation of the dream: love changes

see making operation 51
Translation: weakness of character

making pleasantries 76
Dream description: you are an important person for someone

making or repairing heels 13
Meaning: home projects

making a basket 73
Translation of the dream: Excellent reports

be making cards 74
Interpretation: novelty coming

making rude gesture 78
Sense of the dream: nervousness

Peacock making the wheel 32
What does it mean: great benefits

aircraft making changes 59
Meaning of the dream: increase of energy

doing DIY 60
Description: You are resisting some bad situation

make an omelette 46
Interpretation of the dream: economy

make pastries 19
Translation: minor glitches

make cards 83
Dream description: initiatives guess

make knots 38
Meaning: waste of time

make candied 3
Translation of the dream: processing projects

make a shawl 9
Interpretation: confidence misplaced

to the porter 76
Sense of the dream: you have too many responsibilities

make peace with friends 14
What does it mean: unexpected change

make a failure 52
Meaning of the dream: earnings and payouts

make a quote 69
Description: new friends

make an exchange 13
Interpretation of the dream: Secret Thoughts

make the noodles 75
Translation: freedom of decision

make peace with enemies 50
Dream description: need for adaptation

make ravioli 31
Meaning: original ideas

make a lace 52
Translation of the dream: spirit of independence

make the sock 47
Interpretation: care

make rosettes 36
Sense of the dream: unexpected surprise

make a bonfire 58
What does it mean: repentance for past mistakes

make a miracle 11
Meaning of the dream: someone is trying to cheat you

make a turner 74
Description: good news coming

make perfumes 4
Interpretation of the dream: Good to give to friends

make the donut 83
Translation: productive activity

making tool 49
Dream description: grief and sorrow

make a prick 70
Meaning: unpleasant events

make peace with a woman 73
Translation of the dream: clarity of ideas

make peace with a man 39
Interpretation: suspicions and jealousies

make the prompter 71
Sense of the dream: ambiguity

make the cake 83
What does it mean: satisfaction and rest

make peace with his father 17
Meaning of the dream: sorrows passengers

make peace with his son 73
Description: bad intentions