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Making a tapestry. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream making a tapestry. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tapestry 32
Meaning of the dream: many hopes

ancient tapestry 43
Description: illness in the family

tapestry silver 53
Interpretation of the dream: waiting anxiously

damask tapestry 78
Translation: fear of tomorrow

designed tapestry 46
Dream description: success and sympathies

modern tapestry 27
Meaning: business proposals

precious tapestry 77
Translation of the dream: discomfort and nervousness

embroidered tapestry 54
Interpretation: harsh discipline

tapestry found 26
Sense of the dream: happy coexistence

tapestry stolen 67
What does it mean: unhappy love

making a basket 73
Meaning of the dream: Excellent reports

be making cards 74
Description: novelty coming

making clothes 25
Interpretation of the dream: love changes

making horns 67
Translation: nervousness and irritation

see making operation 51
Dream description: weakness of character

making paintings 18
Meaning: profitless joy

making fools of themselves 89
Translation of the dream: understanding fruitful

aircraft making changes 59
Interpretation: increase of energy

making tool 49
Sense of the dream: grief and sorrow

Cheese making 39
What does it mean: particularly bad news about the debts

making so much urine 11
Meaning of the dream: expression of your creative ideas of your hidden talents

dove making the nest 72
Description: joy in love

Peacock making the wheel 32
Interpretation of the dream: great benefits

making or repairing heels 13
Translation: home projects

making the body shop 7
Dream description: contentment to good friendships and good relations

making rude gesture 78
Meaning: nervousness

shoemaking 46
Translation of the dream: quarrels with relatives

enter shoemaking 28
Interpretation: quarrels with relatives

possess shoemaking 40
Sense of the dream: prudence in speech

see shoemaking 15
What does it mean: need protection

shoemaking luxury 80
Meaning of the dream: insecurity dangerous

shoemaking Children 17
Description: small wins

hemming tapestries 43
Interpretation of the dream: unstable relationships

decorate with tapestries 34
Translation: indecision

see burn and consume tapestries 47
Dream description: misfortune or death to the master of the house