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Make wishes birth. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream make wishes birth. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

birth 80
Meaning of the dream: They will have welfare and unexpected benefits from a project that seemed to be successful

recent birth 20
Description: novelty welcome

birth of a child 70
Interpretation of the dream: economic well-being

birth of a grandchild 71
Translation: steadfastness of purpose

Participation of birth 40
Dream description: joyful expectation

send wishes 42
Meaning: new hope

toast for a birth 13
Translation of the dream: unexpected arrival

crown wishes 44
Interpretation: mistrust and pessimism

ticket wishes 36
Sense of the dream: sociability reciprocated

register a birth 31
What does it mean: windfall

reciprocate best wishes 83
Meaning of the dream: initiatives happy

receive bad wishes 39
Description: do not listen to those who want to hurt you

Animal birth 60
Interpretation of the dream: personal affirmation


birth of woman 87
Translation: novelty in the family

declaration of birth 85
Dream description: prosperous business

congratulations for a birth 29
Meaning: healthy optimism

see the birth of fish 38
Translation of the dream: joy health

make a greeting 12
Interpretation: good social skills

happy birth 87
Sense of the dream: pain tolerance

noble birth 6
What does it mean: waste of money

birth certificate 42
Meaning of the dream: spontaneity and naturalness

difficult birth 8
Description: decisions to make

make pastries 19
Interpretation of the dream: minor glitches

make cards 83
Translation: initiatives guess

give birth eagle 11
Dream description: greatness, prosperity, reputation for the unborn

make candied 3
Meaning: processing projects

make a quote 69
Translation of the dream: new friends

make the noodles 75
Interpretation: freedom of decision

make ravioli 31
Sense of the dream: original ideas

make a lace 52
What does it mean: spirit of independence

make rosettes 36
Meaning of the dream: unexpected surprise

make perfumes 4
Description: Good to give to friends

make the donut 83
Interpretation of the dream: productive activity

make a prick 70
Translation: unpleasant events

make the prompter 71
Dream description: ambiguity

make the cake 83
Meaning: satisfaction and rest

make a toilet 84
Translation of the dream: fatigue and depression

make an invitation 88
Interpretation: careless actions

best wishes for the wedding 9
Sense of the dream: extraordinary expenses

make a decoction 44
What does it mean: danger of cheating

make a mortgage 53
Meaning of the dream: You want to subject to it to the will of others

make a commission 17
Description: vague sense of unease

rejoice at a birth 90
Interpretation of the dream: faithfulness in love

make an invoice 20
Translation: hate someone deeply

make a discourtesy 77
Dream description: exaggerated sense of self

make butter 38
Meaning: benevolent people

make a failure 52
Translation of the dream: earnings and payouts

make the sock 47
Interpretation: care

make stop 68
Sense of the dream: reports to be reconnected

make knots 38
What does it mean: waste of time

birth anniversary 49
Meaning of the dream: excessive dynamism

make false coins 52
Description: shame and blame

premature birth 86
Interpretation of the dream: next trip

make a timbale 4
Translation: remarkable achievements

to the porter 76
Dream description: you have too many responsibilities

make a shawl 9
Meaning: confidence misplaced

make a spectacle 29
Translation of the dream: skill and luck