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Make an intramuscular injection. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream make an intramuscular injection. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

get an intramuscular injection 56
Meaning of the dream: many unexpected aid

get an intravenous injection 11
Description: Starting with no hurry because You will run probably in trouble

make a miracle 11
Interpretation of the dream: someone is trying to cheat you

make a turner 74
Translation: good news coming

make knots 38
Dream description: waste of time

make a shawl 9
Meaning: confidence misplaced

make a quote 69
Translation of the dream: new friends

make an exchange 13
Interpretation: Secret Thoughts

make a lace 52
Sense of the dream: spirit of independence

make a bonfire 58
What does it mean: repentance for past mistakes

make a filter 68
Meaning of the dream: do not you feel free

make a prick 70
Description: unpleasant events

make jams 3
Interpretation of the dream: joy and profit

make a toilet 84
Translation: fatigue and depression

make a mesh 42
Dream description: sadness and melancholy

make a braid 56
Meaning: to overcome prejudices

make a ball 84
Translation of the dream: hidden feelings

make nonsense 16
Interpretation: act without conviction

make a decoction 44
Sense of the dream: danger of cheating

make a mortgage 53
What does it mean: You want to subject to it to the will of others

make a mutilation 40
Meaning of the dream: You will strike deep within a person that you dear

make an invoice 20
Description: hate someone deeply

make a discourtesy 77
Interpretation of the dream: exaggerated sense of self

make a wreath 20
Translation: bad news

make pastries 19
Dream description: minor glitches

make cards 83
Meaning: initiatives guess

make a failure 52
Translation of the dream: earnings and payouts

make a water balloon 48
Interpretation: period of fulfillment

make candied 3
Sense of the dream: processing projects

make a commission 17
What does it mean: vague sense of unease

make the noodles 75
Meaning of the dream: freedom of decision

make a greeting 12
Description: good social skills

make ravioli 31
Interpretation of the dream: original ideas

make a new conquest 81
Translation: bad friendships

make rosettes 36
Dream description: unexpected surprise

make a spectacle 29
Meaning: skill and luck

make perfumes 4
Translation of the dream: Good to give to friends

make the donut 83
Interpretation: productive activity

make a potion 44
Sense of the dream: possibility of deceit

make a crime 9
What does it mean: quarrels and concerns

make the prompter 71
Meaning of the dream: ambiguity

make the cake 83
Description: satisfaction and rest

make an invitation 88
Interpretation of the dream: careless actions

make a spin with the car 21
Translation: feelings of guilt for something you have committed

make a loan 16
Dream description: exchange of courtesies

make a balaclava 30
Meaning: industriousness active

make an affront 53
Translation of the dream: success

make a card 34
Interpretation: advantageous purchases

make a timbale 4
Sense of the dream: remarkable achievements

make a hitchhiking 8
What does it mean: Do you need help

make a toast 87
Meaning of the dream: Competition at work

make a dream 62
Description: wishes that come true