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Magnet dissolve. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream magnet dissolve. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see magnet (magnet) 67
Meaning of the dream: falling in love

magnet 67
Description: health disorders

horseshoe magnet 62
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

see magnet (magnetic) 57
Translation: amorous passion

dissolve 41
Dream description: initiative

hank dissolve 71
Meaning: vanity

see dissolve 42
Translation of the dream: joy

dissolve assembly 10
Interpretation: dangerous initiatives

dissolve salt 40
Sense of the dream: important trip

dissolve flour 84
What does it mean: activities discontinuous

dissolve sugar 36
Meaning of the dream: serene happiness

dissolve charades 56
Description: ambitious dreams

dissolve an oath 25
Interpretation of the dream: extensive relations

dissolve parliament 59
Translation: confused

dissolve a bond 42
Dream description: novelty from a letter

dissolve a sitting 24
Meaning: practical spirit

dissolve a company 29
Translation of the dream: business discussion

dissolve the hair 23
Interpretation: you rid of an annoying person

dissolve a problem 52
Sense of the dream: inconstancy in friendship

disband an army 58
What does it mean: windfall

electromagnet 13
Meaning of the dream: serious decision

wadding dissolved 21
Description: loss of an object

marriage dissolved 82
Interpretation of the dream: voluptuousness

Parliament dissolved 58
Translation: useful clarifications

fog that dissolves 22
Dream description: judicious prudence

magnetize sick 36
Meaning: thwarted love

loving heart 55
Translation of the dream: projects contrasted

loving god 84
Interpretation: you feel satisfied

loving son 31
Sense of the dream: good omens

loving father 90
What does it mean: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

dishearten 31
Meaning of the dream: period of many commitments

discouraging 6
Description: family lies

melt gold 59
Interpretation of the dream: sadness and malaise

planed poplar 83
Translation: sorrows

abandon an animal 6
Dream description: misfortunes

Watering animals 41
Meaning: concerns

hovel with animals 61
Translation of the dream: application to work

Academy of Fencing 28
Interpretation: restlessness

blind animals 74
Sense of the dream: extra gain

Mating of animals 68
What does it mean: winnings

match animals 68
Meaning of the dream: winnings

approach the sidewalk 39
Description: good profits

approach a person of high rank 27
Interpretation of the dream: honors

approach a snake 66
Translation: fulfillment in love

unripe 1
Dream description: bad reputation

burned by acid 68
Meaning: great anger

aquatic animal 39
Translation of the dream: love of money

crouch animals 50
Interpretation: originality

buy animals 44
Sense of the dream: Fortunately some

train an animal 16
What does it mean: protection of young people

tame beasts 22
Meaning of the dream: next visit

airplane burning 19
Description: care

entrust animals 57
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal of relatives

rent animals 39
Translation: jealousy declared

animals drowned 22
Dream description: false friendships

deal with an animal 15
Meaning: Success in business

approach a woman 74
Translation of the dream: Profits in business

magnetic needle 25
Interpretation: false security

agony of animals 16
Sense of the dream: opposition in business