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Magnesium. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream magnesium. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

magnesium 12
Meaning of the dream: success in business

magnesia 83
Description: danger of separation

Epsom salts 8
Interpretation of the dream: success in work

magnetic needle 25
Translation: false security

see magnet (magnetic) 57
Dream description: amorous passion

see magnet (magnet) 67
Meaning: falling in love

burnt magnesia 17
Translation of the dream: concern for the family

magnetic 90
Interpretation: amorous passion

magnetism 77
Sense of the dream: bad action

magnetize 14
What does it mean: momentary discouragement

magnetize sick 36
Meaning of the dream: thwarted love

magnetize woman 52
Description: your relatives will turn to you

magnetize child 49
Interpretation of the dream: happy event

magnetize girl 60
Translation: pain

magnetize man 14
Dream description: reconciliation with an enemy

magnetized 65
Meaning: deal that goes awry, during which escapes

magnetic tape 48
Translation of the dream: obstacles overcome

video recorder 45
Interpretation: immediate satisfaction

magnet 67
Sense of the dream: health disorders

horseshoe magnet 62
What does it mean: sadness

magnetic field 18
Meaning of the dream: new hope

citrate of magnesia 3
Description: next fortune

electromagnet 13
Interpretation of the dream: serious decision

audio cassette 7
Translation: melancholic period

metabolism 61
Dream description: unforeseen circumstances

articulate the body 65
Meaning: good omen

body 32
Translation of the dream: your level of self-esteem

dead body 23
Interpretation: joy and well-being

big body 9
Sense of the dream: Understanding sentimental

rub the body 67
What does it mean: next fight or treason

freezing the body 57
Meaning of the dream: rebellions unnecessary

organs of the body 21
Description: birth of a child

X-ray body 7
Interpretation of the dream: external protection

hurt the body 24
Translation: unfastened, too diffident

lathering the body 69
Dream description: good health

small body 2
Meaning: hidden enemies

scratching the body 87
Translation of the dream: dissatisfaction and insecurity

wiggle the body 81
Interpretation: concerns passing

powder her body 76
Sense of the dream: contrasts exceeded

holy body 80
What does it mean: concerns inevitable

deformities of the body 34
Meaning of the dream: loss of a friend

wrap the body 59
Description: health concerns

bruise on the body 68
Interpretation of the dream: serious problems

military body 35
Translation: to avoid speculation

religious body 21
Dream description: You want to escape from everyday life

medium body 20
Meaning: tough business

scars on his body 18
Translation of the dream: you are over the trauma that made you suffer

dance body 27
Interpretation: good health

mice on his body 74
Sense of the dream: long period of opposition

have a tattoo on the body 49
What does it mean: desire to stand out from others

gall spread in the body 3
Meaning of the dream: anger against domestic quarrels in the family, loss in the game, for the attack of thieves

body organs healthy 10
Description: wealth

leech attached to the body 78
Interpretation of the dream: Reports insincere

chemist 75
Translation: malignant insinuations