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Madonna that lights. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream madonna that lights. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

madonna talking 64
Meaning of the dream: delight

kiss madonna 47
Description: promising business

immaculate madonna 88
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

madonna with angels 61
Translation: order concerns

madonna in procession 38
Dream description: proposals that are successful

madonna on the altar 51
Meaning: confident hope

madonna with flowers 71
Translation of the dream: propitious events

madonna with votes 70
Interpretation: imagination alive

Madonna 60
Sense of the dream: blessings

mantle of madonna 6
What does it mean: efforts rewarded

effigy of madonna 3
Meaning of the dream: inner insecurity

venerate the Madonna 50
Description: great fortune

water of the Madonna 22
Interpretation of the dream: need to find peace

8 - Smorfia classic: Madonna 8

lamppost lights 1
Dream description: joy and fortune

altar with lights 51
Meaning: ideas to be realized

see lights in quantity 88
Translation of the dream: gain

chandelier with lights turned on 26
Interpretation: emotions unjustified

Our Lady of Fatima 15
Sense of the dream: spiritual rapprochement

blaspheming the Virgin Mary 37
What does it mean: Next satisfaction

imploring the Virgin Mary 5
Meaning of the dream: reward joyful

pray to the Virgin Mary 6
Description: need for decision

worship the Virgin Mary 60
Interpretation of the dream: sacrifices rewarded

apparition of the Virgin Mary 48
Translation: happiness has to come

lights in large numbers 5
Dream description: profit

statue of the Virgin Mary 33
Meaning: important protection

sacristan who lights the candles 8
Translation of the dream: steadfastness of purpose

light up 76
Interpretation: will come away a person harasses or enemy

archive that ignites 85
Sense of the dream: marital fidelity

light that shines 8
What does it mean: good wishes

light 3
Meaning of the dream: will come away a person harasses or enemy

limelight 39
Description: confidences to avoid

limelight empty 48
Interpretation of the dream: momentary loss

limelight lit 9
Translation: impulsive actions

virgin 60
Dream description: blessings

limelight with actors 30
Meaning: Friends insincere

northern Lights 44
Translation of the dream: sudden changes

damsel thief 30
Interpretation: injustice done

virgin girl 84
Sense of the dream: luck and joy

virgin oil 1
What does it mean: radical change

damsel dishonest 46
Meaning of the dream: fear of being judged by others

electric light 39
Description: vitality and enthusiasm

honey virgin 32
Interpretation of the dream: quarrel boyfriend

virgin dead 62
Translation: unforeseen complications

damsel false 67
Dream description: great sensitivity

wreathe madonnas 8
Meaning: fixed thoughts

artificial light 54
Translation of the dream: aggression harmful

abortion maiden 19
Interpretation: risk dangerous

maiden strolling 30
Sense of the dream: longevity

torchlight procession 49
What does it mean: intuition

embrace the virgin 4
Meaning of the dream: good luck

candle light 10
Description: healthy aspirations

hazy sunlight 4
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen obstacles

devoted to the Virgin 44
Translation: austerity of morals

see a light 84
Dream description: new hope

abuse of a virgin 21
Meaning: personal insecurity

Valve electric light 74
Translation of the dream: impressionability

virgin who marries 8
Interpretation: external protection

virgin who gets nun 90
Sense of the dream: kindness of relatives