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Madonna giving. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream madonna giving. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Madonna 60
Meaning of the dream: blessings

madonna on the altar 51
Description: confident hope

madonna in procession 38
Interpretation of the dream: proposals that are successful

madonna talking 64
Translation: delight

madonna with angels 61
Dream description: order concerns

venerate the Madonna 50
Meaning: great fortune

water of the Madonna 22
Translation of the dream: need to find peace

kiss madonna 47
Interpretation: promising business

effigy of madonna 3
Sense of the dream: inner insecurity

madonna with flowers 71
What does it mean: propitious events

madonna with votes 70
Meaning of the dream: imagination alive

mantle of madonna 6
Description: efforts rewarded

immaculate madonna 88
Interpretation of the dream: good omens

8 - Smorfia classic: Madonna 8

giving help 80
Dream description: pleasant surprises

giving slippers 48
Meaning: friendship in danger

giving a layette 45
Translation of the dream: You have renounced motherhood

giving apples to other 28
Interpretation: great fortune

presentation giving 80
Sense of the dream: organizational capacity

giving a satin 58
What does it mean: novelty joyful

giving judgment 38
Meaning of the dream: safe work

giving mussels 73
Description: happiness and peace

brilliant giving 76
Interpretation of the dream: better future

giving to sleep 89
Translation: initiative

giving lover 76
Dream description: assertion of will

giving birth to a child 75
Meaning: delusions of grandeur

giving toy to a child 47
Translation of the dream: hope

giving birth to a fish 36
Interpretation: son poor health

giving a piggy bank 71
Sense of the dream: Good news coming

cow giving birth 45
What does it mean: interesting novelty

giving rose to a sick 58
Meaning of the dream: bad omen

cat giving birth 8
Description: increasing vitality

Queen giving birth 59
Interpretation of the dream: reforms and settling

goat giving milk 2
Translation: deal unproductive

wife giving birth 32
Dream description: self confidence

giving birth to a male 19
Meaning: need for choice

giving birth to a dead 66
Translation of the dream: new friends

giving birth to a monster 67
Interpretation: willingness relentless

Sheep giving birth 7
Sense of the dream: important awards

wreathe madonnas 8
What does it mean: fixed thoughts