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Machines for money. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream machines for money. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

busting machines 80
Meaning of the dream: secret reports

Stay longer machines 42
Description: see things from another point of view

trade in machines 11
Interpretation of the dream: your business is good

tangle of machines 35
Translation: unexpected surprises

win at slot machines 11
Dream description: not too elated

desire for money 2
Meaning: satisfaction and joy

ruffling for money 87
Translation of the dream: new initiatives

bundle of money 10
Interpretation: economic security

lend money 32
Sense of the dream: you re too impatient

arrival of money 26
What does it mean: projects that fail

Administrator of money 32
Meaning of the dream: excessive impressionability

surplus of money 42
Description: serenity of mind

compensate with money 7
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous follies

mass of money 68
Translation: excessive impressionability

increase of money 65
Dream description: unpleasant disillusionment

ask for money 71
Meaning: tries to make a change to your life

circulation of money 25
Translation of the dream: source of income that fades

refuse money 2
Interpretation: broadmindedness

falling money 12
Sense of the dream: economic hardship

recover money 81
What does it mean: your emotional and financial situation will improve

case with money 14
Meaning of the dream: good health

corrupted by money 4
Description: sorrows soon exceeded

gift of money 65
Interpretation of the dream: everything will be for the better

count money 18
Translation: gain important

Money clips 54
Dream description: period of stalemate in the work

provide money 27
Meaning: economic hardship

risking money 47
Translation of the dream: dangerous habits

changing money 73
Interpretation: instability in the work

borrow money 26
Sense of the dream: various dangers

seize or see money 1
What does it mean: joy and pleasure

wash money 20
Meaning of the dream: You are struggling financially

Company Money 80
Description: infirmity long affair cheated

barter money 25
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

coveting money 10
Translation: sentimental conquests

46 - Smorfia classic: money 46

stroking money 18
Meaning: small difficulty

bag with money 2
Translation of the dream: providential aid

advance of money 49
Interpretation: bad deal

plenty of money 20
Sense of the dream: anger

get money 64
What does it mean: unforeseen expenses

escape with money 65
Meaning of the dream: inconsistency in work

set money 74
Description: false friendships are around the dreamer

hide money 26
Interpretation of the dream: nervous tension

add up money 90
Translation: someone you know wants to fuck

foil with money 26
Dream description: blessings

packet of money 4
Meaning: contested goods

offer money 40
Translation of the dream: distrust of the next

possession of money 43
Interpretation: contrasts surmountable

snatch money 7
Sense of the dream: difficulties and concerns

purloin money 26
What does it mean: unfortunate mishap

letters with money 23
Meaning of the dream: hopes fulfilled

amount of money 8
Description: exaggerated alarmism

shell out money 57
Interpretation of the dream: good solutions