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Macerate. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream macerate. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

macerate 7
Meaning of the dream: changes of opinion

overshadow 90
Description: small remorse

enslave 39
Interpretation of the dream: joy and happiness

erodes 31
Translation: passionate needs

put in order 19
Dream description: poor adaptability

rinse in clear water 7
Meaning: new enthusiasm

bear in cage 46
Translation of the dream: misunderstanding clarified

keep in the pantry 81
Interpretation: discovery of trickery

keep in diet 32
Sense of the dream: joys by children

soak cloth 58
What does it mean: tests friendship

macerated linseed 67
Meaning of the dream: chance of success

macerated hemp 5
Description: ties to consolidate

macerated paper 50
Interpretation of the dream: new hope

keep your hands in your pocket 7
Translation: excessive intolerance

degradation 89
Dream description: victory over enemies

sustain 84
Meaning: physical

physical deterioration 64
Translation of the dream: indecision harmful

watering pots 34
Interpretation: enthusiasm and joy

hold 58
Sense of the dream: discord in the family

watering gardens 77
What does it mean: apprehensions for children

seal in water 9
Meaning of the dream: short trip

float in water 70
Description: consolidations in love

splashing water 7
Interpretation of the dream: luck in business

mislay 89
Translation: you have to suffer before you find what you want

get hold 30
Dream description: change of luck

watering a field 66
Meaning: good business

fish in brine 45
Translation of the dream: confusion and bewilderment

make a water balloon 48
Interpretation: period of fulfillment

slumped to loss 25
Sense of the dream: desire for independence

keep the wool jacket in hand 40
What does it mean: Whether people with detachment

keep minutes 16
Meaning of the dream: Critical to Avoid

lay brother 76
Description: lack of confidence

eel in water 50
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm for new ideas

codfish in water 13
Translation: new openings in love

moral decay 48
Dream description: serious disagreements

duck in water 10
Meaning: soon you will have to do with a surreal situation

Cross in water 31
Translation of the dream: you have so many fears

cooked in water 49
Interpretation: love solitude

keep apart 2
Sense of the dream: you need to regenerate

frog in water 31
What does it mean: fluctuating fortune

baste a scam 25
Meaning of the dream: strong enticements dangerous

mouth water 60
Description: lack of sense of proportion

fall into the water 46
Interpretation of the dream: decision

swan in the water 89
Translation: welfare and prosperity

crocodile in the water 11
Dream description: dangerous proposals

rhinoceros in water 23
Meaning: satisfaction and luck

sardines in brine 84
Translation of the dream: contrasts with a young person

keep promises 37
Interpretation: success and recognition

water in wine 44
Sense of the dream: economies needed

decay of a friend 24
What does it mean: bitterness and disappointment

ark in water 88
Meaning of the dream: luck and travel