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Luck to the yoke. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream luck to the yoke. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ox to the yoke 63
Meaning of the dream: sacrifices for friends

bad luck to the game 14
Description: gain, win

luck in love 3
Interpretation of the dream: negative attitudes

luck at lotto 69
Translation: good advice from older

yoke oxen 27
Dream description: adapt to the situation

Lady Luck 75
Meaning: successes in work

yoke 78
Translation of the dream: adapt to the situation

luck on his wheel 1
Interpretation: proximate danger

mascot (good luck) 77
Sense of the dream: joy

planet of luck 31
What does it mean: Lost Illusions

eunuch omen of bad luck 89
Meaning of the dream: danger

wish good luck 64
Description: trouble passing

opportunity lucky 46
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary quarrels

lucky chance 46
Translation: deceptive illusion

fluke 80
Dream description: generous feelings

lucky shopkeeper 55
Meaning: change of condition

lucky comedian 39
Translation of the dream: resentment unfair

joy for lucky escape 36
Interpretation: ingratitude of children

fate 1
Sense of the dream: before you have a bright future

chance 22
What does it mean: false dreams

see yokel in race 77
Meaning of the dream: a woman will help you

lucky moment 1
Description: serious obstacles to overcome

enrich thankfully 8
Interpretation of the dream: forget everything that is not necessary

desire for fortune 1
Translation: easily surpass all the problems that will arise

seek their fortune 43
Dream description: goals not too far away

close the bolt 45
Meaning: Excessive pedantry

misfortune 17
Translation of the dream: Fears passengers

plow yoked 1
Interpretation: subject of hope

happiness 27
Sense of the dream: You will overcome the problems in the best way

yokel with plow 89
What does it mean: good faith betrayed

stained with pitch 18
Meaning of the dream: gumption

weatherstripping with pitch 63
Description: hard won

break a leg 26
Interpretation of the dream: methods to change

receive greetings 74
Translation: harmony passing

exchange greetings 83
Dream description: desire for love

not have happiness 90
Meaning: happy future

ill omen 40
Translation of the dream: state of fatigue

reciprocate greetings 31
Interpretation: needs action

greetings respectful 23
Sense of the dream: good news soon

send wishes 42
What does it mean: new hope

washtub with juice 30
Meaning of the dream: healing is not certain

associate to greetings 87
Description: Failure of a deal

fortune 7
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasms and projects

win at the bingo 52
Translation: choice to make

wheel of Fortune 90
Dream description: inevitable change

unlucky person 36
Meaning: you have many obstacles to overcome

wishes for birthday 6
Translation of the dream: realization of credits

charlatan who greets 38
Interpretation: fear and distrust

soldier of fortune 13
Sense of the dream: strength of character

resigned to fate 19
What does it mean: intense activity

commanding fortune 30
Meaning of the dream: waiting

reciprocate best wishes 83
Description: initiatives happy

adverse fortune 49
Interpretation of the dream: accumulated work to be done