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Low waves. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream low waves. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

low waves 18
Meaning of the dream: small problems quickly resolved

roar of waves 37
Description: actions inconsistent

waves on the beach 45
Interpretation of the dream: repressed instincts

waves on the rocks 58
Translation: success in business

struggle with the waves 89
Dream description: stubbornness and obstinacy

disappear in the waves 42
Meaning: likely to clarify misunderstandings

wave or waves 55
Translation of the dream: in almost all cases, this dream of ill omen and says danger

high waves 55
Interpretation: you re just in a lot of trouble

swim in the waves 78
Sense of the dream: you will overcome adversity

short waves 24

see flying terns in the waves 11
Meaning of the dream: news from distant countries

low brow 74
Description: imprudence and error

low moan 54
Interpretation of the dream: confidentiality and prudence

swamp low 83
Translation: good faith betrayed

low clouds 9
Dream description: concerns

in a low voice 66
Meaning: useful meetings

Low Sunday 65

low cash 23

low force 47

low Italy 90

low tide 52

low fever 80

low string 39

low bed 54

low rating 44

low audience 47

low window 19

low-fat meal 63
Interpretation: increasing business

high or low tide 11
Sense of the dream: fortune in businesses

lowering 88
What does it mean: sense of inferiority towards others

Lowering voice 14
Meaning of the dream: praises

lowering of the river 81
Description: impairment

lowering of the sea 1
Interpretation of the dream: wrongdoing

lower 14
Translation: sense of inferiority towards others

lower your head 36
Dream description: fickle love

lower arms 35
Meaning: sadness passing

allow additional time 30
Translation of the dream: pleasant adventure

buy flowers 39
Interpretation: kindness received

garlic flower 17
Sense of the dream: loss of security

flowering tree 73
What does it mean: waste of money

tree yellowed 30
Meaning of the dream: sudden loss

altar with flowers 90
Description: sudden loss

lower the flag 61
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

lower the sails 15
Translation: bullying in love

Bee on flowers 61
Dream description: acuity of judgment

glow of sun 25
Meaning: increasing success

moon glow 86
Translation of the dream: affinity of tastes

glow light 33
Interpretation: fear of novelty

balcony with flowers 10
Sense of the dream: unexpected events

armful of flowers 90
What does it mean: joviality of character

ox bellowing 30
Meaning of the dream: struggles to deal

sad clown 45
Description: lack of communication

follower 66
Interpretation of the dream: improvement

prepare flowerbed 61
Translation: fatigue from which you ll get satisfaction

anemone flower 75
Dream description: go traveling

see wither flowers 48
Meaning: bad omen

plow 3
Translation of the dream: true love

plow next wedding 3
Interpretation: formal notice of this dream that always bearer of ailments

plow yoked 1
Sense of the dream: subject of hope

artificial flowers 14
What does it mean: lie

blue flower 63
Meaning of the dream: lucky in love

blaspheming be followed 60
Description: You find things of value

see a plowman while the earth is plowing 66
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected aid

a flower bud any 80
Translation: increasing family

bouquet of flowers 15
Dream description: constant love

ox plowing 1
Meaning: gain

bulb of a flower 74
Translation of the dream: unexpected aid

see note wave 20
Interpretation: you are no longer in danger

bill lowered 5
Sense of the dream: mourning

chalice of a flower 12
What does it mean: momentary happiness

step on a flower bed 78
Meaning of the dream: constant affection