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Lover hold him. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lover hold him. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hold off 27
Meaning of the dream: uncontrolled impulses

get hold 30
Description: change of luck

hold 58
Interpretation of the dream: discord in the family

hold wand 43
Translation: discord in the family

hold a rally 8
Dream description: favors to be granted

hold the conference 17
Meaning: heightened susceptibility

anger hold 73
Translation of the dream: uncertain journey

hold in pledge 6
Interpretation: Decision advantageous

hold a grudge 48
Sense of the dream: thoughtless actions

hold a candle 40
What does it mean: mobility of views

hold a weight 66
Meaning of the dream: lucrative job

hold a child 90
Description: hope for the future

hold a rudder 36
Interpretation of the dream: excesses to be avoided

hold a trail 68
Translation: inner insecurity

hold a ladder 19
Dream description: fight with oneself

hold an office 76
Meaning: failure

hold a cabinet 39
Translation of the dream: changing character

hold a discussion 54
Interpretation: Success in business

hold up the train 79
Sense of the dream: erroneous opinions

hold their noses 2
What does it mean: difficult task

hold by the hand 21
Meaning of the dream: new relationships

hold a competition 85

hold back your breath 5
Interpretation of the dream: Gain honest

hold back the tears 30
Translation: quarrels with relatives

hold a shard in hand 49
Dream description: There you have left of your love

hold a knife for the blade 13
Meaning: your wrong position

hold the steering wheel in hand 60
Translation of the dream: you have the situation under control

away by the lover 39
Interpretation: distrust in the near

lover 39
Sense of the dream: a sign of sadness and strife

have lover 55
What does it mean: Revenge of envy

old lover 88
Meaning of the dream: good health

away with the lover 29

please the lover 6

abandoning the lover 30
Translation: selfishness

embrace lover 50
Dream description: treachery

wrangle with her lover 51
Meaning: prudence with enemies

music lover 70
Translation of the dream: diseases avoided

lover of singing 83
Interpretation: success in work

lover of dance 15
Sense of the dream: loyalty to his principles

lover of racing 38
What does it mean: support to be given to a young man

football lover 29
Meaning of the dream: ingratitude of friends

horse lover 68
Description: unjustified animosity

lover of books 84
Interpretation of the dream: moodiness unjustified

lover cards 48
Translation: introspection

lover of antiquity 82
Dream description: trust in friends

lover of the theater 47
Meaning: concentration and profits

fishing lover 4
Translation of the dream: inventive spirit

lover man 30
Interpretation: hopes fulfilled

lover angry 22
Sense of the dream: opposition at home

lover laughing 9
What does it mean: dangerous indiscretions

lover crying 57
Meaning of the dream: animosity justified

betrayed lover 29
Description: insecurity

jealous lover 64
Interpretation of the dream: obstinacy

faithful lover 39
Translation: misgivings

unfaithful lover 87
Dream description: events pleased

abandoned lover 76
Meaning: excessive voltage

selfish lover 57
Translation of the dream: fickleness

young lover 37
Interpretation: quarrels in love

lover drunk 31
Sense of the dream: increase physical energy

dead lover 48
What does it mean: enthusiasm for new knowledge

love lover 31
Meaning of the dream: lack of optimism

kiss lover 11
Description: sudden sorrows

dancing with her lover 5
Interpretation of the dream: whims expensive

dinner with her lover 29
Translation: rebellion to their own state

to live with her lover 60
Dream description: exaggerated claims

run away with her lover 37
Meaning: restless spirit

hide lover 8
Translation of the dream: struggles in family