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Lost bag tears. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lost bag tears. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lost bag 60
Meaning of the dream: need for control action

The tears 45
Description: unwelcome visit

tears 69
Interpretation of the dream: consolation, happy outcome

tears of joy 73
Translation: solicitations

tears of pain 70
Dream description: turning point

swallow tears 23
Meaning: bad times

see tears on your face 58
Translation of the dream: slowness at work

burst into tears 54
Interpretation: difficult issue to solve

tears repressed 20
Sense of the dream: unjustified antipathy

repress tears 57
What does it mean: explaining to do

droop in tears 18
Meaning of the dream: mishaps passengers

dripping tears 65
Description: humiliation

drying tears 36
Interpretation of the dream: intuition wrong

weep or shed tears 3
Translation: on the contrary that in reality, are a sign of joy, of pleasant news, visit welcome

see tears fall on your face 65
Dream description: expected moments of joy

bring tears to your face 50
Meaning: want to see a situation clearly

hold back the tears 30
Translation of the dream: quarrels with relatives

bag 2
Interpretation: disorders

yet lost 81
Sense of the dream: embarrassment in the family

lost 1
What does it mean: rapid business

lost cause 27
Meaning of the dream: quarrels love

lose the bag 31
Description: indecision dangerous

find a bag 13
Interpretation of the dream: useless talk

steal the bag 41
Translation: family trouble

bag full 15
Dream description: uncertain future

leather bag 80
Meaning: excessive exuberance

embroidered bag 42
Translation of the dream: tendency to command

travel bag 18
Interpretation: grudge

bag woman 40
Sense of the dream: petty selfishness

bag businessman 25
What does it mean: fights with siblings

bag with documents 67
Meaning of the dream: fill in difficult relationships

buy the bag 24
Description: significant activities

give the bag 10
Interpretation of the dream: serenity of spirit

bag of chestnuts 60
Translation: good business

bag of sugar 11
Dream description: self-doubt

bag of waste 71
Meaning: unexpected events

bag of olives 9
Translation of the dream: serene privacy

bag of sweets 72
Interpretation: sufferings and pains

alligator bag 4
Sense of the dream: talk in the family

game bag 9
What does it mean: fortune

put in a bag 71
Meaning of the dream: disorders

bag rags 87
Description: dispute with family

bag sausage 11
Interpretation of the dream: deep melancholy

operation bag 18
Translation: to curb impulsiveness

quail in the bag 6
Dream description: unfounded fears

fill a bag 24
Meaning: bad relationships

white bag 40
Translation of the dream: financial aid

colored bag 52
Interpretation: heartbreak

paper bag 67
Sense of the dream: vivid imagination