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Losing the bank bag. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream losing the bank bag. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lose the bag 31
Meaning of the dream: indecision dangerous

bank action 25
Description: you need a quieter working life

line at the bank 53
Interpretation of the dream: predicament

bank pledge 46
Translation: disillusions

financial bank 79
Dream description: important for you to accumulate money

bank administration 48
Meaning: you adopt a child

Roman bank 54
Translation of the dream: many contrasts

sinking bank 17
Interpretation: false judgments

Tuscan bank 81
Sense of the dream: minor glitches

deposit in the bank 69
What does it mean: negotiating favorable

bellhop bank 51
Meaning of the dream: original initiatives

cash bank 58
Description: grief for relatives

bank communication 16
Interpretation of the dream: new interests

financier bank 44
Translation: sudden sympathy

bank teller 76
Dream description: change of program

national bank 53
Meaning: anxieties and remorse

losing a purse 75
Translation of the dream: moodiness passenger

rob a bank 3
Interpretation: misplaced trust

Bank of the people 40
Sense of the dream: insult received

bank Neapolitan 87
What does it mean: impossible desires

losing the pen 24
Meaning of the dream: anxieties

bank coupon 7
Description: demonstrations of loyalty

shareholder of the bank 47
Interpretation of the dream: do you want to prove your worth

bank of snow 2
Translation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

use bank 75
Dream description: selfishness

steal the bag 41
Meaning: family trouble

commercial bank 46
Translation of the dream: impulses curbed

tie the bag 33
Interpretation: amorous desires

bank catalog 45
Sense of the dream: gain

losing the pipe 1
What does it mean: prejudices unnecessary

discount bank 61
Meaning of the dream: pugnacity

losing a friendship 35
Description: lack of courage

buy the bag 24
Interpretation of the dream: significant activities

losing life 71
Translation: lucky combination

check bank 57
Dream description: providential aid

losing a cloak 46
Meaning: resumption of activities

losing a topaz 85
Translation of the dream: rebellion useless

find a bag 13
Interpretation: useless talk

bank ticket 90
Sense of the dream: imagination unreal

losing an eye 24
What does it mean: legacy of more elderly relatives you

losing the gem 8
Meaning of the dream: extra earnings

losing a sapphire 72
Description: actions turbulent

Bank of Italy 88
Interpretation of the dream: increase in wealth

losing a thimble 76
Translation: suffering from injustice

losing a ruby 85
Dream description: rebellion useless

losing their sight 7
Meaning: mistrust and pessimism

losing your wallet 61
Translation of the dream: uncertainty as to overcome

losing a prize 24
Interpretation: inner conflict

losing the umbrella 18
Sense of the dream: confidence misplaced

losing a title 82
What does it mean: problems and misunderstandings

losing a card 20
Meaning of the dream: confidence and sociability

give the bag 10
Description: serenity of spirit

losing his false teeth 15
Interpretation of the dream: measures to be taken

bench 41
Translation: a lot of willingness to conclude your own business

bank bill 14
Dream description: practicality and common sense

losing a pet 84
Meaning: dangerous love