Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

losing memory

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: losing memory

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64 losing memory
there s something you want to forget

26 delete from memory
understanding from superiors

25 counting memory
alternatives and doubts

83 blurred memory
need for adaptation

60 outrage to the memory
imprudent initiatives

80 desecrate a memory
serious dangers

35 painful memory
frankness and generosity

6 receive a memory
relations in danger

27 give a memory
need saving

66 lose memory
painful memories

35 venerate a memory
aids and facilities

89 regain memory
you managed to overcome a conflict

85 losing a brilliant
rebellion to their own state

36 losing a capital
impediments by young

76 losing a thimble
suffering from injustice

8 losing the gem
extra earnings

46 losing a cloak
resumption of activities

22 losing night

18 losing the umbrella
confidence misplaced

33 losing a packet
achieving a goal

24 losing a prize
inner conflict

19 losing an overcoat

84 losing a pet
dangerous love

50 losing their jobs
Councils concerned

68 losing a race
harmful habits

35 losing a friendship
lack of courage

68 losing a relative
quiet wedding

71 losing life
lucky combination

1 losing the pipe
prejudices unnecessary

61 losing your wallet
uncertainty as to overcome

75 losing a purse
moodiness passenger

25 losing a job
friendships wrong

24 losing an eye
legacy of more elderly relatives you

17 losing a million
business disadvantageous

17 losing my mind

8 losing reputation
unfounded jealousy

85 losing a ruby
rebellion useless

59 losing chess
ambitious initiatives

89 losing bet
Proposals to be considered

24 losing a key
need of supports

26 losing a stole
inner rebellion

20 losing a card
confidence and sociability

82 losing a title
problems and misunderstandings

85 losing a topaz
rebellion useless

51 losing money
disappointment and controversy

7 losing their sight
mistrust and pessimism

72 losing a sapphire
actions turbulent

18 losing two oars
all your activities blocked

15 losing his false teeth
measures to be taken

66 album of memories
understanding in love

2 commemoration
successful business

78 commemoration of the dead
successful business

2 commemoration of the war dead
generous efforts

9 attend a commemoration
consolation and assistance

3 surround a memories
unnecessary fears

83 compose a memorial

9 Memorial
sadness and evil

35 book of memories
lack of confidence in their abilities

16 closing the stable door
errors of judgment

32 commemorative plaque
melancholy and depression