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Lose the younger sister. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lose the younger sister. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

younger sister 28
Meaning of the dream: disagreement with her mother

younger brother 28
Description: disagreement with his father

sister 26
Interpretation of the dream: a person who loves will be of great help

see his sister 7
Translation: mentality practice

older sister 30
Dream description: pride and courage

sister alive 78
Meaning: willingness stubborn

dead sister 27
Translation of the dream: Good news and novelties

sister married 13
Interpretation: actions inconsistent

widowed sister 58
Sense of the dream: supports secrets

sister of milk 23
What does it mean: new friends

Sister of Charity 20
Meaning of the dream: astuteness

abandoned by her sister 33
Description: Councils concerned

stroking her sister 21
Interpretation of the dream: new forces

sister drowned 23
Translation: conflicts and quarrels

nursing sister 43
Dream description: mishaps at work

altercation with sister 27
Meaning: You have regard for a person

caress her sister 4
Translation of the dream: impatience environment

insult sister 78
Interpretation: desire to escape

loving sister 15
Sense of the dream: return of money

arrest of sister 72
What does it mean: combativeness

arrival of sister 6
Meaning of the dream: confidence and sincerity

resemble sister 23
Description: mental clarity

imprison her sister 90
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows and worries

call her sister 81
Translation: concerns falling

confide to his sister 8
Dream description: prosperity

heir sister 40
Meaning: uncertainties about the future

marry his sister 11
Translation of the dream: news by letter

Brother and sister of charity 20
Interpretation: craftiness

to lose 6
Sense of the dream: await disappointments

lose both 44
What does it mean: the economic difficulties will end

lose a needle 28
Meaning of the dream: doubt

lose a hook 70
Description: projects that fail

lose a trunk 42
Interpretation of the dream: exaltation of love

lose assets 2
Translation: adaptation to circumstances

lose the bag 31
Dream description: indecision dangerous

lose a button 18
Meaning: agitation and insomnia

lose a bracelet 56
Translation of the dream: improvidence dangerous

lose your bearings 13
Interpretation: physical force

gamble and lose 90
Sense of the dream: stay cautious in your business if you want to thrive

lose banknote 18
What does it mean: It will hurt business

lose the IOU 50
Meaning of the dream: impositions by subject

lose a cameo 5
Description: risky proposals

lose a deposit 67
Interpretation of the dream: irresolute spirit

lose correspondence 29
Translation: need for organization

lose the certificate 19
Dream description: malicious slander

lose the key 79
Meaning: predicament

lose the quintet 35
Translation of the dream: wasted effort

lose necklace 47
Interpretation: efforts in work