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Lose the word. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lose the word. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

missing word 9
Meaning of the dream: you are too insincere to take chances

commit word 86
Description: dangerous passion

catch word 8
Interpretation of the dream: ambitions to curb

withdraw the word 61
Translation: little ailments

record a word 20
Dream description: environmental obstacles

take in word 5
Meaning: legitimate anger

strong a word 48
Translation of the dream: prosperity

word of honor 21
Interpretation: particular success

give word 45
Sense of the dream: expenses can not be delayed

lose stones 7
What does it mean: misfortune

lose internal 88
Meaning of the dream: victory over difficulties

lose earrings 63
Description: financial fluctuations

lose oars 48
Interpretation of the dream: bad news

lose the certificate 19
Translation: malicious slander

lose the sole 24
Dream description: urgent business

lose sandals 27
Meaning: sorrows in family

lose the comb 81
Translation of the dream: strange friendships

lose a trunk 42
Interpretation: exaltation of love

lose the bag 31
Sense of the dream: indecision dangerous

lose a bracelet 56
What does it mean: improvidence dangerous

lose banknote 18
Meaning of the dream: It will hurt business

lose the quintet 35
Description: wasted effort

lose the compass 30
Interpretation of the dream: concern for a relative

lose the kingdom 17
Translation: good professional reputation

lose the brush 22
Dream description: situation to be resolved

lose a lipstick 44
Meaning: lack of practicality

lose a deposit 67
Translation of the dream: irresolute spirit

swear word 68
Interpretation: loss of money

lose the quadruplet 51
Sense of the dream: tiring shooting

lose identity 29
What does it mean: crisis of identity

lose a cameo 5
Meaning of the dream: risky proposals

lose your keychain 71
Description: sorrows

lose jewelry 82
Interpretation of the dream: pessimism misplaced

lose handkerchief 16
Translation: delay of success

lose suitcase 42
Dream description: exaltation sentimental

lose necklace 47
Meaning: efforts in work

bring a word of advice 90
Translation of the dream: high hopes

lose passport 65
Interpretation: sorrows

lose assets 2
Sense of the dream: adaptation to circumstances

lose glasses 70
What does it mean: impediments and delays

lose curls 36
Meaning of the dream: end concerns

lose both 44
Description: the economic difficulties will end

lose gloves 84
Interpretation of the dream: loss of a friend

lose oar 21
Translation: hard time

Earring lose 60
Dream description: It must not exceed the mistrust but knowing how to choose the right companies and alliances and honest

lose a billion 24
Meaning: you re exaggerating a small loss

lose brooch 56
Translation of the dream: presumption exaggerated

lose eyes 24
Interpretation: gain of dubious origin

lose shoes 33
Sense of the dream: Stop in business

observe his word 13
What does it mean: Secret Passion

lose a button 18
Meaning of the dream: agitation and insomnia

lose an apron 57
Description: You lose the lover

lose blood 50
Interpretation of the dream: conquest ephemeral

lose rummy 11
Translation: optimistic outlook

bridge lose 47
Dream description: recognized merit

lose fan 25
Meaning: contrasts of love

lose the honor 9
Translation of the dream: depressed mood

lose a needle 28
Interpretation: doubt

lose a hook 70
Sense of the dream: projects that fail

lose the treasure 40
What does it mean: economic improvements