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Loose cannon. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream loose cannon. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

loose cannon 52
Meaning of the dream: indefinite threat

Loose and you 12

cement loose 54
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels and confusion

Dates loose 38
Translation: positive achievements Home

nibs loose 46
Dream description: proposals misleading

pills loose 56
Meaning: Company courageous

loose the dogs 18
Translation of the dream: difficulty passing

loose cigarettes 30
Interpretation: hopes dashed

loose bust 34
Sense of the dream: efforts to be made

horse loose 6

loose shoes 8

Cannon 10
Description: You will face dangers or betrayal

cannon again 13
Interpretation of the dream: serious trouble

battery of cannon 73
Translation: prudence in speech

mouth cannon 21
Dream description: precautions exaggerated

iron cannon 61
Meaning: discovery of intrigue

modern cannon 28
Translation of the dream: Pending painful

ancient cannon 17
Interpretation: unpleasant news

cannon discharge 77
Sense of the dream: flattered vanity

cannon load 70
What does it mean: overcome difficulties

broken cannon 16
Meaning of the dream: little ailments

capsule cannon 72
Description: good prospects

cannon shot 8
Interpretation of the dream: deceit uncovered

Cannon ball 67
Translation: position to be clarified

pointing a cannon 43
Dream description: hard fight

cannon balls 6
Meaning: deep pain, restlessness

roar of cannon 43
Translation of the dream: agitated thoughts

fire the cannon 20
Interpretation: fleeting relationships

bomb in Cannon 29

detonation of a cannon 65

cannon that shoots 88

cannon siege 89

cannon coast 42

cannon fortress 60

Cannon Mountain 6

Bronze Cannon 74

Cannon Navy 81

cannon dismounted 51

cannon on wagon 41

cannon foundry 35

loosen 1
Meaning of the dream: increased vitality

loosen shoelaces 4
Description: increased vitality

loosen the collar 33
Interpretation of the dream: excessive polemical spirit

loosen the cuffs 12
Translation: tightening in love

loosen your belt 21
Dream description: hopes dashed

loosening his tie 64
Meaning: support to be given to a child

loosen surveillance 45
Translation of the dream: small physical ailments

cannolo (sweet) 34
Interpretation: happy news

hear the thunder of cannons 70
Sense of the dream: loss of rich relatives

small-caliber cannons 23
What does it mean: meetings between good friends

loosen the reins 48
Meaning of the dream: generosity with family

loosing a bow 85
Description: intrigue hidden

loosen the screw 10
Interpretation of the dream: effort to be made

loosen the skirts 61

ship with cannons 48

board cannons 39

cannonball of joy 76

cannonball War 90

cannonball test 25