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Looking for candles. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream looking for candles. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lighted candles 59
Meaning of the dream: healing

candles extinguished 72
Description: positive news

smoke candles 86
Interpretation of the dream: complex to be overcome

light candles in church 47
Translation: aid

candlestick with candles 26
Dream description: emotions unjustified

sacristan blowing out candles 10
Meaning: will inconstant

church with candles 59
Translation of the dream: joy in family

altar with candles 19
Interpretation: injury accident

bier with candles 52
Sense of the dream: obstacles in the profession

gild candles 86
What does it mean: affective inconstancy

sacristan who lights the candles 8
Meaning of the dream: steadfastness of purpose

grave with lit candles 90
Description: decisive event

see candles, branches or trees of fire 87
Interpretation of the dream: war, infertility, accident

candle light 10
Translation: healthy aspirations

looking for a needle 43
Dream description: restlessness and nervousness

candle factory 66
Meaning: good reputation

raise sails 11
Translation of the dream: favorable circumstances

altar candlestick 64
Interpretation: unreasonable decisions

searching someone 17
Sense of the dream: repressed desires

seek recovery 10
What does it mean: contrasts secrets

tie sails 84
Meaning of the dream: passion

lower the sails 15
Description: bullying in love

set sail 18
Interpretation of the dream: excellent initiatives

untangle the sails 19
Translation: strong personality

see sails in the distance 70
Dream description: good luck

lit candle 73
Meaning: decrease of vitality

fasten your sails 41
Translation of the dream: aid determinants

candle in church 55
Interpretation: obstacles removed

bloodhound searching 27
Sense of the dream: new social relations

a person looking vulgar 53
What does it mean: expected betrayals by friendly people

search flea 8
Meaning of the dream: you yourself go in into trouble

Alpine lookout for 25
Description: health disorders

search for brother 78
Interpretation of the dream: incoming correspondence

search for thieves 1
Translation: heavy duty

candle 74
Dream description: will come away a person harasses or enemy

explain or fold sails 11
Meaning: favorable circumstances

candle small 39
Translation of the dream: gains that fade

consumed candle 59
Interpretation: disturbing events

colored candle 68
Sense of the dream: pleasant meeting

Auto candle 46
What does it mean: procured a less agitated

seeking monk 6
Meaning of the dream: limited views

candle on the altar 25
Description: aid to give

seek their fortune 43
Interpretation of the dream: goals not too far away

sailor on lookout 69
Translation: solutions and innovations

torchlight procession 49
Dream description: intuition

candle flame 46
Meaning: vacillating resolutions

search a man 71
Translation of the dream: uncertainty as to overcome

search keys 87
Interpretation: love for novelty

search a woman 12
Sense of the dream: impediments and delays

search for the father 50
What does it mean: fortitude

an office search 10
Meaning of the dream: disagree with superiors

search for a friend 28
Description: supports important

canvas for sails 38
Interpretation of the dream: trip possible