Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

look out the window

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: look out the window

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70 look out the window

4 window
defeat, failure

32 out of the window
bad speculations

49 through the window

31 get on a window
distress and disgust

34 approach the window
little annoyances

9 a window of alabaster
love of power

26 lean against the window
thwarted love

35 open the window
Good news coming

85 knock on the window
tightening in love

16 jump out the window
Excessive passion

18 fall from window
sacrifices for relatives

60 call the window
concerns from work

56 crystals window
dangerous lack of balance

43 window sill
Company relaxing

65 woman at the window
nervousness accentuated

43 open window
increasing business

34 window ajar
need for bold action

28 lighted window
likely change

88 barred window
passion contrasted

41 window with curtain
good luck

59 window with flowers
excessive good faith

1 close the window
serious responsibility

76 stand at the window
next trip

90 illuminate a window
difficulty Contact

6 window shutters
Success in business

8 wall window
lack of practicality

58 parapet of a window
period gray and banal

66 wallpaper for a window
secret relationship

1 pigeons on the window
real solutions

21 jump from the window
unbridled passion

63 barring a window
compromise to avoid

9 slam the window
ambiguous behavior

26 escape through the window
great emotions

11 fling the window
projects of short duration

46 unhinge a window
sad thoughts

19 to open a window

14 squint a window
discouragement and pains

2 shoot the window
physical exhaustion

44 the window frame
sudden disappointment

51 window curtain
definitive agreements

4 glass window
troubling events

47 window of a shop
inconstancy and fatalism

72 break the window
moments of acute tension

15 tarnish the glass of a window
you want to convince them of something

4 open wide the window
interesting reports

80 large picture window
spiritual understanding

11 glass window of a church
benefits and protections

68 decorate the shop window
that appearances are deceiving

24 look down

88 look out
expected surprise

51 look out to the balcony

88 look out the door
happy change

38 look out from the wagon

37 look out the porthole
luck in love

78 overlook the sea
right calculation

81 look out over the river
secret pain

10 look out at the well
greed for pleasure

10 looks nice
late news

15 look obnoxious
expenses advantageous

16 look lovable
sick passenger

20 looks grim
good fit

33 look for berries
increasing success

12 look for a target
experience of suffering

21 believe more beautiful with elegant looks
threatening illness or loss of property

12 tarnish car windows

31 look like something
objects that you own are very important to you