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Look mom in danger. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream look Mom in danger. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sleepwalker in danger 8
Meaning of the dream: intentions and projects

aggravation of danger 30
Description: pride punished

52 - Smorfia classic: Mom 52

dodge danger 36
Translation: good health

abhor the danger 11
Dream description: need to modernize your thinking

expose to danger 76
Meaning: excessive voltage

face a danger 11
Translation of the dream: pride humbled

danger 56
Interpretation: sudden changes

away from danger 21
Sense of the dream: Excessive pedantry

escape from danger 43
What does it mean: unexpected ways out

mother (mom) 52
Meaning of the dream: protection and affection will come from a person close

notice of a danger 56
Description: sudden changes

back face of danger 6
Interpretation of the dream: Decision to be taken

perceive a danger 4
Translation: lively ambitions

overcome the danger 70
Dream description: difficult position

survive a danger 18
Meaning: do not you ever give up

be out of danger 18
Translation of the dream: fortitude

report a danger 11
Interpretation: solidarity

avert a danger 71
Sense of the dream: love of order

look scissors 58
What does it mean: violent desires

avoid a hazard 19
Meaning of the dream: return of a loved one

look for berries 33
Description: increasing success

look for gold 19
Interpretation of the dream: futile illusions

look for a target 12
Translation: experience of suffering

look for a ring 13
Dream description: love of money

look for water in the desert 18
Meaning: live completely out of this world

look for a way out 22
Translation of the dream: secret fears

look gruff 62
Interpretation: issues to be resolved

shortcut, look for an excuse 42
Sense of the dream: not admit your mistakes

look for relatives 89
What does it mean: brilliant location

mama's boy 72
Meaning of the dream: to change opinions

look for the clock 24
Description: honor the profession

look for the shortcut 22
Interpretation of the dream: I agree way to succeed

look for four-leaf clover 30
Translation: revelations from friends

search for 42
Dream description: torments

looking for a needle 43
Meaning: restlessness and nervousness

look obnoxious 15
Translation of the dream: expenses advantageous

seek employment 72
Interpretation: to overcome grievances

stop and look 32
Sense of the dream: distrust of others

seek refuge 55
What does it mean: serious disputes in family

look at your hands 26
Meaning of the dream: infirmity

seek their fortune 43
Description: goals not too far away

seek mercy 24
Interpretation of the dream: Unexpected gifts

new mother 45
Translation: you freed something

confide in her mother 88
Dream description: righteousness and loyalty

worry about the mother 2
Meaning: nervousness to control

sick mother 59
Translation of the dream: Good news

strict mother 69
Interpretation: useful exchange of ideas

mother arrested 26
Sense of the dream: neglect of friends

unnatural mother 72
What does it mean: negligence in work

neglecting mother 53
Meaning of the dream: obstacles to get around

hugs mother 52
Description: greed pleasures

drowned mother 52
Interpretation of the dream: not allowed to express yourself