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Long medical examination. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream long medical examination. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

medical examination 29
Meaning of the dream: discomforts passengers

written examination 45
Description: collaborations difficult

oral examination 54
Interpretation of the dream: pride and ambition

examination of conscience 63
Translation: thoughts and concerns

degree examination 21
Dream description: need for self-control

recent examination 4
Meaning: confused

pass an examination 71
Translation of the dream: being at home

agitated for examination 49
Interpretation: You can dispute

medical certificate 43
Sense of the dream: good health

surgeon medical 27
What does it mean: loyalty and bravery

medical conduct 62
Meaning of the dream: strong personality

medical breakthrough 20
Description: favorable movements

medical advice 58
Interpretation of the dream: Remedies to be made

medical report 33
Translation: Health Concerns

medical office 44
Dream description: requirements of the heart

medical ambulance 47
Meaning: uncertainty and doubt

nurses medical 67
Translation of the dream: great excitement

medical center 31
Interpretation: chatter

medical filter 76
Sense of the dream: you want to be the center of attention

medical venal 42
What does it mean: You are very hesitant

be long 6
Meaning of the dream: indecision in business

long way 34
Description: achievements to be defended

last long 4
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected luck

long beard 52
Translation: luck in business

long sideburns 31
Dream description: you re too authoritarian

long trousers 55
Meaning: projects that are successful

long hair 81
Translation of the dream: good luck

long hood 30
Interpretation: sentimental romance

long eyelashes 15
Sense of the dream: happiness in family

long neck 65
What does it mean: sick passenger

long rope 69
Meaning of the dream: original ideas

long thighs 54
Description: gossip of friends

long teeth 38
Interpretation of the dream: depression and melancholy

Long distance 72
Translation: happy inspiration

long skirt 32
Dream description: danger of deception

long nose 40
Meaning: too impulsive actions

Long Fur 3
Translation of the dream: luck in business

preaches long 11
Interpretation: moral struggle

long sleeves 24
Sense of the dream: honor

long branch 70
What does it mean: sudden realization

long maturity 84
Meaning of the dream: suspicious character

scale long 90
Description: moral force

long shawl 45
Interpretation of the dream: violent emotions

long overcoat 75
Translation: economic concerns

long layover 83
Dream description: unreasonable antipathy

skirt long 32
Meaning: discontent and momentary troubles

long road 90
Translation of the dream: fruitful work life

long nails 87
Interpretation: avarice

long dress 80
Sense of the dream: commitments to maintain

long journey 15
What does it mean: new friends

long alley 46
Meaning of the dream: hard work

long visit 87
Description: Contrast smoothed