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Located documents. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream located documents. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

gather documents 79
Meaning of the dream: false

extort documents 53
Description: passing crises

documents in disorder 84
Interpretation of the dream: invitations to accept

produce documents 2
Translation: next gains

trust documents 72
Dream description: neglect in work

find documents 72
Meaning: Decision and security

falsify documents 55
Translation of the dream: breaking agreements

misplace documents 22
Interpretation: solution unthinking

handing over documents 88
Sense of the dream: ease for the study

return documents 32
What does it mean: intuition ready

Safe with documents 22
Meaning of the dream: if you could confide more you would be lighter and more graceful

bag with documents 67
Description: fill in difficult relationships

archive documents 41
Interpretation of the dream: momentary troubles

classification of documents 90
Translation: request for aid

folder with documents 11
Dream description: expressions of sympathy

case with documents 25
Meaning: You discover the misdeeds that they will find their punishment, for how cunning you take to avoid it

counterfeit documents 52
Translation of the dream: transaction with duty

contract documents 14
Interpretation: pleasant surprise

prepare papers 8
Sense of the dream: inner dissatisfaction

workshop papers 42
What does it mean: mobility reports

notify acts 7
Meaning of the dream: good health

falsifying records 18
Description: good intentions

Ultramontane 1
Interpretation of the dream: aid from relatives

bald at the left 20
Translation: losses

mustard above the table 82
Dream description: bickering and dispute

meet dead 90
Meaning: happy solutions

encounter difficulties 34
Translation of the dream: economic well-being

find themselves at a crossroads 68
Interpretation: decisions to make

find themselves in the dark 13
Sense of the dream: perseverance in resolutions

meet obstacle 3
What does it mean: aspirations and projects

payment vouchers 90
Meaning of the dream: new initiatives

Egyptian papers 85
Description: experience of suffering

tear up papers 89
Interpretation of the dream: marital infidelity

find themselves in a bad business 75
Translation: period of deception

metal filing 18
Dream description: career advancement

batch file office 26
Meaning: new projects

subscribe 11
Translation of the dream: deal concluded

subscribe to the bus 7
Interpretation: deal concluded

Subscribe to the newspaper 88
Sense of the dream: Secret Revealed

subscribe to theatrical performances 29
What does it mean: displeasure by joint

subscribe to library 22
Meaning of the dream: abundance

subscribe to restaurant 66
Description: unexpected expense

subscribe to bathrooms 88
Interpretation of the dream: sorrow of love

be in camp 33
Translation: hard times

adapt to a situation 66
Dream description: protection from family

join a conspiracy 36
Meaning: sorrows

join a crime 15
Translation of the dream: physical ailments

join a party 13
Interpretation: favors required

join a project 28
Sense of the dream: happiness satisfied

join a meeting 77
What does it mean: affront to receive

adopt a foundling 13
Meaning of the dream: sacrifices unrecognized