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Liver stones. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream liver stones. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

liver roasted 44
Meaning of the dream: good mood

Man Liver 69
Description: pride and intransigence

cooked liver 11
Interpretation of the dream: wrath

fried liver 21
Translation: positive ideas

Liver pain 60
Dream description: obstacles and hindrances

human liver 45
Meaning: desire for revenge

liver stewed 28
Translation of the dream: recognition of rights

eat liver 43
Interpretation: optimal health

liver with onions 6
Sense of the dream: novelty good

pan with liver 22
What does it mean: liberation from commitments

liver fry 28
Meaning of the dream: friendships

liver 4
Description: desire for revenge

amassing stones 70
Interpretation of the dream: actions turbulent

hurling stones 40
Translation: economic benefits

fish liver 12
Dream description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

bring stones 2
Meaning: greatness

see stones 77
Translation of the dream: disease, anguish

chop stones 19
Interpretation: new knowledge

liver sausage 27
Sense of the dream: economic difficulties

raw liver 7
What does it mean: desire for harmony

small stones 5
Meaning of the dream: something bothering you and you would like to fix

calf liver 17
Description: persecution complex

lose stones 7
Interpretation of the dream: misfortune

throwing stones 52
Translation: illusions and extravagances

turkey liver 48
Dream description: benefits and surprises

Stake stones 18
Meaning: fantasy lit

grasp stones 50
Translation of the dream: Understanding affective

pork liver 28
Interpretation: impressionability and indecision

download stones 80
Sense of the dream: aid from relatives

liver oil 88
What does it mean: talk inconclusive

hurl stones 28
Meaning of the dream: sudden adversity

goose liver 18
Description: unnecessary actions

count stones 80
Interpretation of the dream: business combination

lamb's liver 60
Translation: trying to keep calm

break stones 23
Dream description: good health

liver disease 90
Meaning: calculations involved

sparkling stones 25
Translation of the dream: commitments and travel

stumbling stones 56
Interpretation: Next satisfaction

walking on the stones 7
Sense of the dream: pain and suffering

chicken liver 14
What does it mean: unreasonable obstinacy

amount of stones 26
Meaning of the dream: way hard

pile of stones 54
Description: difficulty somebody else s fault

Mass of stones 26
Interpretation of the dream: you are not very sensitive to the circumstances

buy gemstones 11
Translation: gain in trades

jewelry with precious stones 44
Dream description: you have great ambitions and perhaps be able to realize them;

brooch with precious stones 77
Meaning: provocation not collect

throw stones 42
Translation of the dream: you strike an opponent violently

cart with stones 17
Interpretation: experiences dubious

Bracelet with stones 70
Sense of the dream: war

Earrings with stones 36
What does it mean: reduced vitality

clip with stones 82
Meaning of the dream: energy dispersive

bracelet with precious stones 15
Description: willingness relentless

ring with precious stones 24
Interpretation of the dream: protection not required

gemstone silver 72
Translation: painful contrasts

stepping stones 82
Dream description: announcements ominous

remove rocks 84
Meaning: health recovery

precious stone 58
Translation of the dream: concern for a family