Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

live for the day

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: live for the day

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52 live for the day
Excessive fantasy

15 around day
you re afraid of the instincts

48 day

21 day of the name day
heartedness and companionship

38 your name day
wait a letter unwelcome

11 other name day
clashes of views with loved ones

34 barking day

36 toast for a name day
mood changes

37 hunting day
absolutism in love

38 misty day
family discussions

50 Communion every day
right recognized

16 pharmacy day
ailment passenger

51 celebrate a name day
very complex person

38 end of day
professional prestige

67 flee day
inner insecurity

2 clear day
confusion of ideas

31 cloudy day
unexpected solution

38 festive day
happiness in love

6 sad day
Good news

52 birthday day
discomforts passengers

63 wedding day
unexpected dangers

45 check to see the day
new hope

46 fire day
dangers to watch out

63 Thief day
scarce energy

24 patrol day
offers to sift

39 Spider day
trouble with superiors

81 revolver day
problems to be solved

81 pealing of day
success and innovation

67 run day
fear and lightness

23 Scorpion day
report countered

6 frolic of day
inner security

66 study day
pleasant surprise

83 pass of the day
viable projects

37 fly across the day
moral force

69 travel by day
suspicion baseless

73 day shower

39 day assailant

49 live
superficiality of judgment

13 live well
dangerous follies

30 live alone
innovative thoughts

31 give a good day
personal success

23 reconnoiter a place of day
malevolent criticism

34 live in a garret
small misfortune

73 to live in a city

68 live at sea
betrayal of friends

69 live in the mountains

17 live with the poor
wealth of mind

57 Live quicklime
arrogance of collaborators

8 live in the country
full success in work

40 live in a cave
changes in circumstances

72 live in a convent
leadership ability

22 live with a woman
danger of a scam

34 live with a man
donation and earnings

61 live with a friend
hassle from family

60 to live with her lover
exaggerated claims

71 live with strangers
overcoming of an obstacle

43 live in discord
limited views

50 dig up a live
terrible misfortune

90 live shrimp
trouble judicial

70 live in a palace
impediments and delays

47 live fish
objective assessments

30 live octopus
adventurous temperament

11 live in the attic
love of family

49 to live in a dump
new programs

63 to live in a hovel
new guidelines

49 to live in a villa
delays and mishaps

83 live badly
good omens

50 live honestly
inner conflicts

68 live on cheating
presence of mind

3 live of their work
boldness and energy

3 live by their wits