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Little man with the mustache. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream little man with the mustache. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

man with mustache 71
Meaning of the dream: presumption

having a mustache 88
Description: innocence

impressive mustache 12
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation of love

bristly mustache 89
Translation: lucky encounter

curly mustache 81
Dream description: vanity excessive

white mustache 90
Meaning: economic prosperity

gray mustache 61
Translation of the dream: Domestic troubles

mustache blacks 25
Interpretation: thwarted love

blond mustache 8
Sense of the dream: Good news coming

red mustache 40
What does it mean: collapse of illusions

thick mustache 9
Meaning of the dream: exhausting tasks to be performed

fake mustache 44
Description: difficult recognition

mustache person 75
Interpretation of the dream: Luckily nearby

coal with a mustache 56
Translation: new gains

shave the mustache 68
Dream description: opposition in family

dye his mustache 40
Meaning: scruples unnecessary and exaggerated

help a man 16
Translation of the dream: bitterness

go with a man 67
Interpretation: depression unjustified

thank a man 74
Sense of the dream: proof of confidence

man 6
What does it mean: your looks aggressive or competitive

man known 65
Meaning of the dream: security and good deals

hugging a man 6
Description: faithfulness

abhor the man 84
Interpretation of the dream: hidden enmities

caress a man 28
Translation: aid

flatter a man 33
Dream description: sighing

adultery of man 59
Meaning: discontent passengers

fascinate a man 70
Translation of the dream: missteps

drowned man 19
Interpretation: sorrows

face up a man 61
Sense of the dream: troublesome issues

Man upset 19
What does it mean: successful deal

agony of man 11
Meaning of the dream: good omen

hotelier man 12
Description: prudence in love

a man drunk 90
Interpretation of the dream: adaptation to the environment

entice a man 82
Translation: efforts to support

see a man in the swing 16
Dream description: arrogance of friends

haughty man 48
Meaning: new knowledge

man highly placed 11
Translation of the dream: good standing

unselfish man 83
Interpretation: intrigues foiled

an amiable man 15
Sense of the dream: sacrifices for relatives

lover man 30
What does it mean: hopes fulfilled

kill a man 45
Meaning of the dream: serious damage

frolicking with a man 51
Description: unforeseen expenses

man's anus 29
Interpretation of the dream: improvements to be made

man arrested 2
Translation: reconciliation with a friend

kissing a man 58
Dream description: sad conjectures

stammering man 38
Meaning: to overcome shyness

dance with a man 81
Translation of the dream: development of good business

beating a man 12
Interpretation: ostentation of virtue

beautiful man 50
Sense of the dream: balance of mind

cap man 41
What does it mean: inventive talent