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Little lame dogs barking. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream little lame dogs barking. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barking dogs 43
Meaning of the dream: sorrows

be lame 54
Description: terrible disaster

see the lame 17
Interpretation of the dream: misery and suffering

become lame 56
Translation: physical strength

lame bloodhound 49
Dream description: nervousness and delicate health

pretend to be lame 76
Meaning: to take responsibility

poor lame 87
Translation of the dream: obligations and hassle

lame prisoner 80
Interpretation: close condemnation

lame rich 44
Sense of the dream: loss of property by fire

women's lame 51
What does it mean: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

mutt lame 45
Meaning of the dream: physical fatigue

feet lame or deformed 19
Description: infirmity

lame or messy porter 43
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal, disgrace

barking 79
Translation: in your circle are sycophants who will prove to be false friends

their dog barking 5
Dream description: help from someone close

barking of a watchdog 20
Meaning: good news

barking that bothers 54
Translation of the dream: loss of protection

barking day 34
Interpretation: contrariness

barking at night 20
Sense of the dream: small waiver

barking at the moon 48
What does it mean: protection

hound barking 74
Meaning of the dream: small delays

barking dog 36
Description: small delays

barking a fresco 58
Interpretation of the dream: friendships misleading

barking a wall 43
Translation: measures to be taken

hydrophobic barking 52
Dream description: new hope

greyhound barking 45
Meaning: gold and silver in abundance

near de dog barking 78
Translation of the dream: request accepted

a dog barking unknown 70
Interpretation: threat of danger

Great Dane barking 47
Sense of the dream: good omens

domesticate dogs 4
What does it mean: marital fidelity

pack of dogs 6
Meaning of the dream: new openings in love

Hunter with dogs 60
Description: jealousy justified

kennel with dogs 33
Interpretation of the dream: energy and boldness

neuter dogs 44
Translation: news from a letter

racing dogs 36
Dream description: freedom of decision

fending off dogs 13
Meaning: seriousness of purpose

tame dogs 12
Translation of the dream: marital fidelity

petting dogs 70
Interpretation: various dangers

Dogs that bite 24
Sense of the dream: various ailments

dogs who are fighting 7
What does it mean: pitfall nearby

joke of dogs 88
Meaning of the dream: War near and enlistments

dogs known to your friends 46
Description: loyalty and courage

playing with dogs 48
Interpretation of the dream: greed

Many small dogs 6
Translation: good friends

many big dogs 8
Dream description: enemies

strange dogs 72
Meaning: hidden enemies

cats and dogs 65
Translation of the dream: dispute, contradiction

feed dogs 32
Interpretation: Issues that are fixed