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List of debts. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream list of debts. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

list of debts 42
Meaning of the dream: to avoid speculation

list 21
Description: rivalry in love

monthly list 36

list of goods 50

List of furniture 6

list of grocer 2

List of credits 53
Translation of the dream: be careful in making a decision

weekly list 17

compile a list 6
Sense of the dream: broken promises

list of items 6

laundry list 70
Meaning of the dream: worldly success

list of expenses 58
Description: imprudence

list of people 45
Interpretation of the dream: missed connections


do list 36
Translation: projects and new programs

name list 62
Dream description: reconciliation with relatives

index list 56

plenty of debts 10

register debts 24

Compounding debts 40

inherit debts 5
What does it mean: someone will disappoint you

write off debts 62

discounting debts 9

add up debts 48

hide for debts 28
Translation: guilt for something

kill for debts 57
Dream description: prudence in new loves

hanged for debts 65

desperate for the debts 65

bill of fare 56
Interpretation: new satisfactions

plunder a debt collector 13
Sense of the dream: lucky business

Stock Exchange Listing 62

recover a debt 12
Meaning of the dream: dangerous hazards

phone book 56
Description: hasty conclusions

remember a debt 40
Interpretation of the dream: dissatisfaction and pain

get into debt 59

injunction of a debt 48
Dream description: You receive bad news

make a debt 43
Meaning: nervous tension

double a debt 35
Translation of the dream: momentary discomfort

win with cunning 2
Interpretation: vain illusions

settle a debt 39
Sense of the dream: economic benefits

pay a debt 39
What does it mean: material advantages

take on a debt 85

debt load 59

facilitate loan 1

satisfy a debt 6
Translation: moodiness short

repertoire 24

loan of money 40

catalog of stamps 27
Translation of the dream: initiatives guess

Catalog of clothes 53

catalog of fabrics 80

Catalogue of books 26
What does it mean: flattered vanity

catalog of prints 3

catalog 56
Description: obstacles and hindrances

cataloguer 85

debt extinguished 45

menu 82

amortise 57

give loan 47
Translation of the dream: discussions and criticism

card index 15
Interpretation: nervousness exaggerated

use cunning 45
Sense of the dream: confusion of ideas

returned loan 66

say with cunning 3
Meaning of the dream: fake friends

public debt 82

make a loan 16
Interpretation of the dream: exchange of courtesies

recording catalog 16
Translation: obstacles and hindrances

draw a right angle 66
Dream description: concerns ending

grant a loan 26
Meaning: arrogance and conceit

bank catalog 45

consult catalog 48
Interpretation: hard problems

Catalog of goods 87

loan guarantees 6
What does it mean: momentary failures

pay book 15
Meaning of the dream: sentimental disappointment

apply for a loan 25
Description: incoherence and lightness

deal with a loan shark 17
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous adventures

lauded 25

lurking discovered 54

knight praised 55

smuggler discovered 18