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Lion taste and tradition. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lion taste and tradition. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lion devours 13
Meaning of the dream: overcome opposition

angry lion 80
Description: big profit

lion tamed 13
Interpretation of the dream: good and firm friendships

lion escapes 15
Translation: risk of theft

lion claw 4
Dream description: anguish of love

mauled by lion 79
Meaning: happiness contrasted

lion bite 30
Translation of the dream: rebellion environment

lion attacking 39
Interpretation: vain ostentation

dead lion 54
Sense of the dream: lack of money

lion roaring 72
What does it mean: health hazard

caged lion 36
Meaning of the dream: breaking agreements

kill the lion 22
Description: Fortunately incoming

refined taste 9
Interpretation of the dream: enterprise unprofitable

lion at the zoo 3
Translation: important protections

taming a lion 58
Dream description: revenge on enemies

lion's mane 71
Meaning: good deals

Lion 42
Translation of the dream: a person of a certain rank, influential and prestigious is near

fight with a lion 46
Interpretation: uncertainty about what to do

lionskin 53
Sense of the dream: if you could confide more you would be lighter and more graceful

sweet taste 15
What does it mean: trouble passing

ears of lion or other beasts 21
Meaning of the dream: betrayal by enemies and jealous, we believe friends

disgusting taste 89
Description: encouraging results

bitter taste 40
Interpretation of the dream: unwillingness

tail of a lion 25
Translation: new friends

taste coffee 35
Dream description: modest aspirations

taste 26
Meaning: proposals misleading

pleasant taste 30
Translation of the dream: strong jealousy

salty taste 10
Interpretation: interesting relationships

drinks taste 20
Sense of the dream: neglect harmful

spicy taste 45
What does it mean: melancholy and depression

sweet things taste 80
Meaning of the dream: deception, gain

ornament tasteful 76
Description: explanations stormy

sour taste 77
Interpretation of the dream: good trip

taste liquors 79
Translation: novelty little happy

taste dishes 67
Dream description: happy news

taste sweet things 80
Meaning: deception

flavor 12
Translation of the dream: excessive intolerance

heritage 85
Interpretation: funeral in the family

taste the first fruits 15
Sense of the dream: plenty of money

Giraffe chased the lions 9
What does it mean: important people to you mistreated

ornament tacky 85
Meaning of the dream: remarkable strength

lions 42
Description: friendship, protection for part of a large

Leon's mouth 90
Interpretation of the dream: sudden melancholy

taste sweet 86
Translation: fraud

St. Leo 41
Dream description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

bait 33
Meaning: your fortune depends on what occult

share heritage 15
Translation of the dream: possible realizations

Real accredited 66
Interpretation: waste of money

lost heritage 1
Sense of the dream: good realization

consume heritage 70
What does it mean: misspent money

cultural heritage 21
Meaning of the dream: Excellent reports

bait (fish) 7
Description: abundance

tasty 59
Interpretation of the dream: nerves to control