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Lion eating men. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lion eating men. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Lion 42
Meaning of the dream: a person of a certain rank, influential and prestigious is near

lion claw 4
Description: anguish of love

tail of a lion 25
Interpretation of the dream: new friends

lion's mane 71
Translation: good deals

caged lion 36
Dream description: breaking agreements

lion at the zoo 3
Meaning: important protections

lion tamed 13
Translation of the dream: good and firm friendships

dead lion 54
Interpretation: lack of money

lion roaring 72
Sense of the dream: health hazard

lion attacking 39
What does it mean: vain ostentation

fight with a lion 46
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty about what to do

kill the lion 22
Description: Fortunately incoming

lion devours 13

lion escapes 15

angry lion 80

taming a lion 58

lion bite 30

mauled by lion 79

ears of lion or other beasts 21
Sense of the dream: betrayal by enemies and jealous, we believe friends

old men 22
What does it mean: clarity of ideas

men go with them 27
Meaning of the dream: shame

go with men 78

crowding of men 33
Interpretation of the dream: fulfillment of desires

incite men 18
Translation: good luck

harboring men 6
Dream description: admiration for the elderly

men stay 6
Meaning: admiration for the elderly

wrangle with men 39
Translation of the dream: affirmation of his ideas

appearance of men 34
Interpretation: ability to convince

bathroom with men 28
Sense of the dream: slander dangerous

scuffle between men 63
What does it mean: eccentricity harmful

hang men 16
Meaning of the dream: energy and boldness

Brigade men 78
Description: sensitivity of mind

trampling of men 39
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected benefit

Shoemaker Men 43
Translation: income from a business

men's shirt 20
Dream description: fleeting joys

men's coat 56
Meaning: business deals

men's hood 52
Translation of the dream: hard work

imprison men 7
Interpretation: ambiguous proposals

prison for men 65
Sense of the dream: dangerous temptations

castrate men 6
What does it mean: projects

ride men 35
Meaning of the dream: foreign correspondence

noise of men 48
Description: hard daily struggle

Belt men 18
Interpretation of the dream: prestige and notoriety

communion of men 80
Translation: agreement and peace in the family

contact with men 54
Dream description: modest aspirations

contention among men 7
Meaning: intense relationships

converse with men 68
Translation of the dream: sentimental joy

choir of men 40
Interpretation: feelings uncertain

corsage men 75
Sense of the dream: satisfaction and health

men's trousseau 15
What does it mean: projects that are realized

race men 4
Meaning of the dream: new facts

courtyard with men 40
Description: energy courageous

treat men 61
Interpretation of the dream: fluke

dance with men 47
Translation: deal that goes through

dinner with men 8
Dream description: advantages at the expense of other

Dialogue between men 13
Meaning: indecision in business

line of men 26
Translation of the dream: surprising conclusions

arguing with men 39
Interpretation: career hampered

jacket Men 11
Sense of the dream: everything will be for the better

Men's Watch 58
What does it mean: worldly success

Men's Slippers 84
Meaning of the dream: serious and deep bonds

beat men 18
Description: contrasts interest

see men at work 21
Interpretation of the dream: abundance

bones of men 66
Translation: death of girls

representation of men 57
Dream description: risky business

requisition men 15
Meaning: difficult relationships

laughter men 13
Translation of the dream: new hope

brawl men 47
Interpretation: strain to deal

Sandals men 82
Sense of the dream: short pleasure

slay men 66
What does it mean: internal conflicts