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Limelight lit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream limelight lit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

limelight lit 9
Meaning of the dream: impulsive actions

limelight empty 48
Description: momentary loss

limelight 39
Interpretation of the dream: confidences to avoid

limelight with actors 30
Translation: Friends insincere

stand in the limelight 22
Dream description: poor self-control

illuminated room 30
Meaning: momentary embarrassment

off spotlight 18
Translation of the dream: affective inconstancy

illuminated church 49
Interpretation: good wishes

lit gallery 71
Sense of the dream: Fears passengers

forefront of a stage 39
What does it mean: agreement thwarted

forefront of a table 40
Meaning of the dream: lively discussions

candelabrum lit 78
Description: deceitful flattery

street lit 25
Interpretation of the dream: need of rest

cemetery illuminated 23
Translation: risky business

lighted window 28
Dream description: likely change

lounge illuminated 63
Meaning: love declaration

vestibule lit 42
Translation of the dream: useful clarifications

candlestick 11
Interpretation: link heavy, awkward situation

lit match 49
Sense of the dream: new friendship

lighted match 18
What does it mean: fortune

illuminated square 70
Meaning of the dream: intellectual interests

forefront of a desk 2
Description: confidences to avoid

bait lit 10
Interpretation of the dream: joy

lit coal 8
Translation: profitable activities

lit cigarette 61
Dream description: happy coincidence

alley lit 54
Meaning: complex issues to be resolved

lamp lit 78
Translation of the dream: fight with oneself

illuminated hall 34
Interpretation: Understanding emotional

illuminated staircase 11
Sense of the dream: new hope

illuminated theater 3
What does it mean: deceptions secrets

illuminated dome 20
Meaning of the dream: pursuit of perfection

illuminated spire 49
Description: important relationships

illuminated villa 44
Interpretation of the dream: intellectual interests

bitumen lit 32
Translation: Unresolved questions

lit atrium 28
Dream description: reckless projects

lighted closet 22
Meaning: situation stable

illuminated alphabet 40
Translation of the dream: sympathies dangerous

illuminated tunnel 71
Interpretation: Fears passengers

light reflector 43
Sense of the dream: profitable activities

reflector 74
What does it mean: sadness

spotlight 14
Meaning of the dream: profitable activities

gas lantern 72
Description: illusory hopes

gas powered 33
Interpretation of the dream: fleeting passion

headlight off 58
Translation: profitable business

light switched on 87
Dream description: many surprises

oven on 19
Meaning: serene comfort

lit candle 73
Translation of the dream: decrease of vitality

heater turned on 5
Interpretation: disagreements passengers

lighted lantern 71
Sense of the dream: hopes excellent

candlestick gold 70
What does it mean: twists in love

wagonlit 29
Meaning of the dream: economic improvement

illuminate with a reflector 56
Description: new projects

silver candlestick 51
Interpretation of the dream: excessive impulsiveness

candlestick broken 73
Translation: rebellion punished

wooden candlestick 42
Dream description: challenging decisions

candlestick fell 13
Meaning: Good news

Lead candlestick 39
Translation of the dream: you will have the opposition in love