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Lightning striking a brother. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lightning striking a brother. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lightning striking 62
Meaning of the dream: great satisfaction

see lightning fall without striking 1
Description: exile or escape of the dreamer, especially if he occupies a rank or use considerable

striking of 32
Interpretation of the dream: Danger averted

lightning 7
Translation: pride, ostentation

lightning falling 25
Dream description: Fortunately stable

lightning rod 37
Meaning: malicious accusations

Lightning over church 44
Translation of the dream: reckless actions

thunder and lightning 54
Interpretation: unforeseen procure bitter disappointments

thunder without lightning 16
Sense of the dream: a person tries in secret to harm

lightning bursts 80
What does it mean: support their opinion not always be easy, especially in family or with your partner

Lightning kills 56
Meaning of the dream: pains

lightning that destroys 24
Description: high aspirations

lightning rod on the steeple 54
Interpretation of the dream: contrasting situation

lightning falls on his own head or home 1
Translation: loss of property, injuries

lightning rod on the roof of a house 64
Dream description: malicious accusations

go with a brother 35
Meaning: self confidence

brother 89
Translation of the dream: you know yourself

help a brother 7
Interpretation: fortitude

look like brother 59
Sense of the dream: bad consequence of a bad action

kill a brother 88
What does it mean: susceptibility excessive

brother arrested 60
Meaning of the dream: stop in business

kiss a brother 80
Description: thwarted love

slander a brother 2
Interpretation of the dream: loss of security

coat brother 75
Translation: prosperity conquered

caress brother 60
Dream description: postponement of projects

belt by Brother 40
Meaning: lengthy negotiations

confide in a brother 49
Translation of the dream: fighting spirit and tenacity

congratulate a brother 89
Interpretation: projects unfeasible

accompanied with Brother 84
Sense of the dream: reconciliation with relatives

older brother 86
What does it mean: pride and courage

younger brother 28
Meaning of the dream: disagreement with his father

brother dead 58
Description: good novelty

foster brother 23
Interpretation of the dream: new friends travel

good brother 51
Translation: loss of emotional ties

bad brother 63
Dream description: good luck abroad

brother in discord 5
Meaning: disputes and ruptures

fool Brother 40
Translation of the dream: serious altercations in family

see or talk to a brother 72
Interpretation: long life although difficult

brother questioning him 71
Sense of the dream: fortune

see the death of a brother 82
What does it mean: annihilation of their enemies

resemble a brother 28
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationships

search for brother 78
Description: incoming correspondence

sandals by Brother 49
Interpretation of the dream: restless thoughts

bachelor brother 9
Translation: news of relatives