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Light a candle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream light a candle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

light a candle 31
Meaning of the dream: liberation from a burden

light the candle 52
Description: trust conquered

candle light 10

light a candle in church 47
Translation: valid aid

candle 74
Dream description: will come away a person harasses or enemy

lit candle 73
Meaning: decrease of vitality

unlit candle 7
Translation of the dream: joy in the family

candle wax 47
Interpretation: sacrifices to be made

candle route 27
Sense of the dream: economic improvement

candle fake 26
What does it mean: broadmindedness

blow out the candle 60
Meaning of the dream: changes in family

buy the candle 14
Description: satisfaction in love

colored candle 68
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant meeting

white candle 77
Translation: happy news

candle in church 55
Dream description: obstacles removed

candle big 83
Meaning: unnecessary worries

candle small 39
Translation of the dream: gains that fade

candle on the altar 25
Interpretation: aid to give

bring a candle 15
Sense of the dream: career advancement

see bring a candle 14
What does it mean: bitter experience

buy a candle 88
Meaning of the dream: overcoming difficulties

consumed candle 59
Description: disturbing events

candle flame 46
Interpretation of the dream: vacillating resolutions

hold a candle 40
Translation: mobility of views

tallow candle 80
Dream description: interests in stagnation

blow out a candle 46
Meaning: heartbreak

lie with candle 74

Auto candle 46

electric candle 79

candle fell 75

candle factory 66

browning a candle 82

bedside table with a candle 19
Interpretation of the dream: danger of cheating

holding a candle and wearing it in public 43
Translation: joy honor success and security in business

light up 76
Dream description: will come away a person harasses or enemy

light 3
Meaning: will come away a person harasses or enemy

see a light 84
Translation of the dream: new hope

light off 73

light a fire 45
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness

light a lamp 65
What does it mean: winnings

light a cigarette 14
Meaning of the dream: money coming

light a torch 53
Description: Legal differences

light a beacon 5
Interpretation of the dream: location uncertain

glow light 33
Translation: fear of novelty

see light candleholder 40
Dream description: birth

light fire 43
Meaning: inventive spirit

Error light 15
Translation of the dream: nostalgia unnecessary

light the flame 62
Interpretation: spirit of adventure

light matches 25
Sense of the dream: emotional satisfaction

light the fire 45
What does it mean: next fight

light up a room 66
Meaning of the dream: tension and anxiety

light the lamp 6
Description: Good news

natural light 2
Interpretation of the dream: solid loving relationship

artificial light 54
Translation: aggression harmful

electric light 39
Dream description: vitality and enthusiasm

colored light 23
Meaning: return of a loved one

dazzling light 32
Translation of the dream: talk to confidences

shed light 60
Interpretation: positive solution

shed light on something 7
Sense of the dream: bodes ill

light that shines 8
What does it mean: good wishes

light off in the hands of others 89
Meaning of the dream: Your enemies are not, hide the fact remains occult and evil

light wave 6
Description: new hope

light pole 80
Interpretation of the dream: reorientation

light the pipe 37
Translation: great inner satisfaction

rays of light 30
Dream description: desire for justice

rational light 38
Meaning: excellent chance

light a rocket 8
Translation of the dream: discouragement and impressionability

advertising light 86
Interpretation: lively enthusiasm

light reflector 43
Sense of the dream: profitable activities

light signal 15
What does it mean: moral force