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Liberating embrace. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream liberating embrace. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

embrace lover 50
Meaning of the dream: treachery

fraternal embrace 78
Description: amorous deceptions

loving embrace 10
Interpretation of the dream: friendships harmful

embrace 40
Translation: need for affection

embrace between husband and wife 9
Dream description: exuberance and vitality

died hug 29
Meaning: Long and difficult negotiations

embrace the father 38
Translation of the dream: intentions essays

embrace parents 4
Interpretation: benefit

embrace friendly 50
Sense of the dream: unnecessary waivers

to free oneself, liberation 50
What does it mean: fitness

embrace reprehensible 19
Meaning of the dream: false oaths

embrace an old 67
Description: concerns

embrace the enemy 41
Interpretation of the dream: fear vanished;

embrace friends 89
Translation: treachery

embrace a sick 13
Dream description: Deception by friends

embrace a blind 54
Meaning: disillusion

embrace an artist 66
Translation of the dream: successful business

embrace one dead 65
Interpretation: health hazard

embrace your children 5
Sense of the dream: news reserved

embrace a woman 40
What does it mean: injustice

embrace a giraffe 87
Meaning of the dream: little attention from an important person

re-embrace a friend 33
Description: disorderly actions

liberator 50
Interpretation of the dream: person visit friend

disillusion 76
Translation: problems in love

sudden release 19
Dream description: excellent chance

editor in chief 45
Meaning: limited benefits

hugs obscene 16
Translation of the dream: trouble with family

open arms 27
Interpretation: fights with enemies

exemption from taxes 43
Sense of the dream: disagreements in the family

hugs quarrelsome 40
What does it mean: anger and quarrels

liberate abroad 28
Meaning of the dream: sense of unease

liberate an insured 13
Description: unlucky in love

liberate goods 82
Interpretation of the dream: important protections

rifle discharge 90
Translation: dangerous hazards

military discharge 12
Dream description: worries and thoughts

hugs married 28
Meaning: curiosity

hugs of lovers 8
Translation of the dream: wealth, treasures, visit to a superior to a lawyer, to a great

hugs of friends 23
Interpretation: proximity unwelcome

cannon discharge 77
Sense of the dream: flattered vanity

machine gun discharge 23
What does it mean: thwarted love

freeing equity christening 30
Meaning of the dream: money returned

absolution of the priest 59
Description: quick fixes

absolution of the pope 43
Interpretation of the dream: penis secret

kiss a child 60
Translation: revenge on opposition

embrace relatives 79
Dream description: treachery

Absolution for prayer 38
Meaning: Find it difficult unnecessarily

freedom from sin 81
Translation of the dream: honorable conduct

embrace animal 35
Interpretation: tries to focus more at work

liberate a normal letter 66
Sense of the dream: revenge

embrace a creditor 81
What does it mean: fear

embrace a debtor 53
Meaning of the dream: security

embracing a drunk 19
Description: material loss

embrace the virgin 4
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

embrace a relative 60
Translation: ideas shot down

to hug 58
Dream description: need for affection

hugging a man 6
Meaning: faithfulness

hugging children 47
Translation of the dream: next novelty